Nala’s Thoughts

Nala — Nala S01 Session7



Season/Week/Day/Time and Notable Context

Oh ye gods, I was so grumpy. Rain makes my head heavy, and of course when Tiwr is
unhappy, so am I. So as we came across another beheaded bandit I completely forgot to lay
him out. There was so much debate about whether to execute the wounded bandit. I’m still not
sure why he was struck in the leg and not decapitated like the rest. Anyway, his name is Edart
and he sloped off when we talked to the prince.
Soon we will go shopping; I managed to get a purse of monies off the prince’s staff. I do not
like Joril. He referred to Tiwr as “that” and I so very nearly backhanded him!
Of course what I should have said is that I’ll leave Tiwr behind if he left his hands behind, which
have the same capability to injure.
Not sure when Berra is due. She certainly seems to have a thing for that duck.
We might be here for a week. A week! How will I stay sane?