Nala’s Thoughts (Session 16)

Nala — Nala S01 Session16



Session 16 – the start of the HeroQuest of 1625.


Dear Ma,

I know, we’ve been chatting for ages in the temple, but I finally feel almost like a real person again. Tiwr and I have both hated being cooped up in training. We’ve taken any chance to go out and hunt.

So when the temple asked us to go check on a priestess they hadn’t heard from, I did.

It…it is alarming how easy it was to rip people out of existence. Not with one blow or anything, but without any damage to Tiwr or me. It worries me.

I meditated near the Lightbringers procession and sort of touched Jar-Eel, who DOES like ripping people out of existence, which was deeply, deeply horrible. We put people on alert and got sent north with the usual criminals. When I realised there were only about ten Lunars I started wondering if they were drawing strength out of the city, for a pre-planned strike there. I hope we get news. I think I’m right, though, because there was nothing but Lunar corruption in my vision. Nothing. And I was RIGHT NEXT to Kallyr. You’d‘ve thought the Starbrow would have burned through, but no.

Everybody else much the same. People being horrid to Sid so we are bedfellows with Tiwr and Zinat in the stables. I think Zinat is really quite fond of him. Berra’s got to choose between Rajar and the duck at some point.