Sartar Season 4

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Party Politics

Berra heads off for Nochet while Mellia and friends work to help connect the White Lady to the spirit that will become her hospital’s wyter. (1629, Sea Season, end of Fertility Week)

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Moth Eaten

Continued exploration of the Mostali site eventually leads to the discovery of a spirit of Chalana Arroy in need of rescue. (1629, Sea Season, Fertility Week, Clayday)

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Toad & Co

At the Nunnery, Finrik decrees that Mellia has to head back to the Six Sisters with only warriors to accompany her. She visits four of the Sisters, who all have something to share. Things get a bit dicey for Berra. (1629, Sea Season, Fertility Week, Godday-Freezeday)

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Spirited Events

The Tusk rider spirit calls upon Varanis, Mellia, Lenta, and Berra to investigate some trouble. They end up in the spirit world where disease spirits still plague the surface of Do Not Ask. (1629, Sea Season, Death Week, Wildday)

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Tempers Fugit

1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, some day or another.
After informing Kulharl of the Chaos in the area, and the group set out for the troll stronghold, and inform them that the Humakti are invited to worship at King’s Tower, and that the rest of the bargain is being worked on.

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Awk. Ward.

1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Waterday. The promised party happens at Rotin’s shrine. Berra is awkward around Maalira. Varanis and Lenta are awkward around each other.

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Ill Wind

The group are waiting in Beasts Gather for everyone to be together, and then animals are uneasy and there is fighting and then there are angry pigs and a sudden werewolf attack.

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