Feeling Broody

Session 4.10

1629, Sea Season, Death Week, Fireday

Dramatis Personae




Do Not Ask Who
Kalis (but a Chaosy one, not the sexy one)
A broo, another broo, and one more after that
Some swarms of scary hornet things
The Three Humakti


Our brave heroes set off to hunt for broo and/or visit Do Not Ask Who. Berra cast Find Enemies on Mellia and as they made their way up the Sister, they got warning (right around the same time that there was a minor landslide and Berra slipped and sprained her ankle). Ambush!

Mellia, Maalira, and Lenta took shelter behind some rocks as the rest prepared to meet the attackers. They spotted some swarms of angry hornet-like creatures, followed immediately by a woman mounted on a three-headed dragonsnail. Two broo came charging along behind.

Berra and Varanis took on the dragonsnail, which breathed hornets and horrible gunk, and its rider. Berra and one of the Humakti, the highly competent one (whatever his name was) kept the rider and various heads busy, while Varanis stabbed through the dragonsnail’s shell and cooked it from the inside.

The Humakti fought the broo, which went badly for both sides, to be honest. Irillo had managed to turn himself into a rapid fire disruptor and while the magic wasn’t quite enough to make a hole in the dragonsnail, it sure made the broo unhappy.

A fifth broo up the slope took some magical pot-shots at Mellia and Lenta, but could not pin them down. Mellia healed one of the Humakti and then charged into the fray in an effort to save Bleujen, with Lenta behind. Lenta did her best to shield Mellia and thankfully, neither was close when one of the broo, the goat-headed one, exploded. It killed the hornets, Bleujen, and the remaining rhino-headed broo.

Injured by Berra, with her broo dead or fleeing, and the dragonsnail smoking beneath her, the enemy leader decided it was time to bail. She called on her god(dess) for rescuing and was gone.

Mellia was able to cure Varanis of the blotches she’d picked up during the encounter. Miraculously, no one else was sick. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for Bleujen beyond funerary rites.

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