Awk. Ward.

Session 4.07

1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Waterday

Dramatis Personae




Rotin (the shaman)
Six Sisters
A lot of party goers
Some innocent ducks and chickens


Lenta was mostly recovered from her ordeal (death and resurrection) and wanted to return to Beasts Gather in time for Rotin’s ritual/party and so that she could worship. 

Maalira had been off healing people in a remote hamlet – she managed the return trip to the shrine without difficulty.

There was a lot of chivvying people to get the party started, but once rolling, it made Rotin and the spirit very happy. The water looked much better the next morning. Varanis, who had gotten very drunk, looked much worse. This was not helped by drunken Lenta asking what the Windlord planned to do about this Chaos infestation in a words pretty close to Ernaldan priestess asking action from a Windlord. It seems that during the night, Lenta and Varanis who had both had too much to drink, had gotten involved in some intimate worship rituals and the morning came with a hangover and some awkwardness. Lenta seemed rather embarrassed of certain word choices.

At some point (not clear to me when), Rotin was taken over by someone (the Six Sisters?) and revealed that there’s a major blockage affecting the flow of water and causing some of the Chaos problem. They must deal with that blockage.

“Look at me heading off the GM asking where the channel is!” – Berra
“Are we starting already.” – Lenta
“Nope.” – Berra
“I’m making the channel so I don’t forget later.” – Berra
“I also came here to check that we weren’t starting yet!” – amphelise

“What sort of question is that to ask a lady?” – Irillo
“a) Which question, b) Which lady?” – GM

“… oh god, I have to open Teams now.” – Berra
“May the force be with you.” – GM
“Teams just sent me a code to the eMail address with which I am trying to log in, and now it says that the email address is not valid.” – Berra

“”Pretty good, but not Ulerian good”? I mean, no safe answer!” – Irillo

“About now the sound wave of my screaming will hit Finland.” – Berra
“I thought that was just gm style critique” – Finnish player

“It’s fine – I have wrestled this foe before…” – Berra
restarts all of universe except for Teams” – Berra
“New error!” – Berra

“Why did the explanation require hand gestures?” – Varanis

“Start here for your amazing paper-chase…” – GM handwaves her own plot

“Jenr the knowing… she’s run by the GM, so she knows a lot.” – GM

“Hrmmm, yes. An underground complex. Given the Uz matriarchal structure, is that an Oedipus complex?” – Irillo

“Oh yeah, we should do some logging.” – Berra

“How are you after your teeny weeny little ordeal?” – Jenr

“Hrm, is killing the sun while in a Hospital a faux pas?” – Irillo
“Greeting the sun! With a sword, but greeting still.” – Varanis

“It was all a long time ago, there were mushrooms…” – Jenr

“I feel like Jenr has had far too many mushrooms over the course of her life…” – Varanis
“And you thought Jarang’s Moon rune was too high!” – Irillo
“She’s higher than the Voralans.” – Berra

“I was trying to help to get you to your Wyter to pay my first debt…” – Lenta

“”It’s the Nochet way”” – Mellia
(I thought that’s if they put one of yours in the Great Hospital, you put one of theirs in the Great Harbour.) o . Irillo

“Do you think King’s Tower is a euphemism for Orlanth’s generosity?” – Irillo
“Existential crisis for Berra…” – Varanis

“Maalira was out at a minor hamlet, helping people, but planning to come back to the village for the Waterday Party Stuff.” – Berra

“Berra left King’s Tower a bit before dawn, heading to Rotin’s place, so she could always go meet the other PCs on the way to Beasts Gather if necessary.” – Berra

“I was busy ticking Ride (Horse) which was way more important than helping other people.” – Berra

“Ernalda and Chalana Arroy have lots of friends. Humakt doesn’t have any.” – Berra
“Humakt doesn’t want any friends.” – GM
“He says that.” – Berra
“A…www…” – GM

“‘The landed grentyr’ got mentioned elsewhere.” – Irillo
Grentyr is clearly an aristo.” – Irillo

“I’ve blinked since then.” – Berra

“Have you seen Maalira, our White Lady?” – Varanis
“Lovely girl!” – Chief

“Berra and Maalira meet in the wilderness and there’s just an awkwardness explosion.” – Berra

“I’m going to overrule, because I’m. Bloody. Queen.” – GM

“Hey, you use Rune points, you don’t have Rune points!” – Irillo

“The way we used to handle strangeness happening like this was to assume that the gods favoured us.” – Berra

“Varanis, you talk like that, and then blush when we do.” – Berra
“The answer is ‘scissors’.” – Berra
“I’m much less explicit.” – Varanis
“…” – Berra
“Implicit.” – Berra
“…” – Berra
“Implicated.” – Berra

“You just put the ideas out there, then call us low minded when we rise to the bait…” – GM
“No, we sink to the bait.” – Berra
“I don’t know, I’m sure there’s some rising involved…” – GM

Berra is talking about Maalira. Irillo hands her a bracelet with a butterfly motif. “Give that to her.”
“Why?” – Berra
“…” – Irillo

“Which question is that the answer to?” – Irillo
“Depends on the exact question.” – Berra

“”What weapons do Maalira and Berra need when they meet?”” – Irillo
“Repair Matrix.” – Berra

“The bowels of the rock are bound up and must be purged!” – Rotin

“I can’t really promise for my friends that they will go out and fight the broo, but they are Lightbringers, and they will do it anyway.” – Mellia
gestures from a long way away – Irillo

“I’m going to mention my admiration to Lenta here – ‘Waterday Eve’ is a perfect way of putting it.” – Berra

“Ride Mule could work… getting the recalcitrant to do what you want…” – GM

“I want to see what happens when I open up this horse. Not with a sword.” – Berra

“Amazingly, there are no stains and no residual smells after a single wash.” – Varanis
“I sort of want to know what you’re washing.” – Berra

“So, the GM is now as high on acetone as Jenr was on mushrooms…” – Berra

“Serzeen might be OK with open relationships.” – Berra
“Ships in the Night.” – Berra
“Burning wrecks, dismantled to very small splinters?” – Lenta

“”Right, Irillo… Where’s the sacrifice? Who’s carrying the beer?”” – Berra

“…. I just used my powers for good.” – Berra

“OK, unless anyone has anything else to do…” – GM
“I’d like to be awkward at Maalira for a bit.” – Berra

“Look, I appreciate you tryin’a help. Please stop helping.” – Berra

“After that, Berra’s not actually awkward about things.” – Berra
“See. HELPED!” – Irillo
“(( No, quite coincidental. ))” – Berra
“Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure” – Irillo
“I failed the love roll.” – Berra

“Not that I love her or anythi…” – Berra
“Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure” – Irillo

“Hang on. Is \m/ a hand symbol for Chaos in Glorantha?” – Irillo
“Yes.” – Varanis

“Rotin is mostly busy petting a favourite duck he has found.” – Rotin
“Wait, isn’t Berra a Duck?” – GM

“I suspect Varanis curls up and starts snoring…” – Varanis
“”No, Varanis isn’t getting out of it that easily.” – GM” – Berra

“98 it wasn’t a fumble, but…” – Lenta
“But it was a fail with style.” – Berra
“Hair-style, in fact.” – Berra

“Drunk and Uninhibited Orlanth. What could go wrong?” – Irillo
“The Great Darkness……” – Irillo

“I would never say no to background info” – the GM who doesn’t read the discord for background info
“Btw: Rocks Fall.” – GM

“He is thankful for all of the ducks and the chickens and they are lovely, and there is a dangerous imbalance that needs to be dealt with…” – Berra

“Wind Lords don’t have to do anything about Chaos.” – Berra
“Unless they see it.” – Berra
“‘Encounter’.” – Berra

“Nononono you’re a green lady asking me to deal with Chaoss…” – Varanis

“Mellia is Dispensing Hangover Cures and Bad News.” – Rotin

“So, the stream is blocked… with unpleasantness… The stream cannot flow for the borels…barrels… bowels are blocked with unplreasantess. And she cannot see because her bowels are blocked!” – Rotin
“That’s probably a metaphor. I’m not medically trained myself, but I don’t think bowels and vision are related to each other…” – Irillo
Maalira bites back several answers to this….

“Babout theeera. Biggggg blob of darkness in the wrong spot.” – Rotin
“Wouln’t be a trollshapped bit of darkness, would it?” – Irillo
“Might have been one once.” – Rotin
“Oh god, oh god, oh god…” – Irillo

“Irillo is having a good time?” – Varanis

“Something about blockages and bowels, and do you need a White Lady?” – Varanis

“Berra does not seem to care that Rotin isn’t him.” – Berra

“I will lay the matter before the appropriate authorities of this Kingdom.” – Irillo looks at Varanis

“Nothing is forever, except the Earth.” – Lenta
“Um, quite a few things are. Darkness was here before the Earth.” – Berra

(And have me NOT involved in warfare!) o . Irillo

“Just for clarity, are you dudes sub-contracting out my plot?” – GM
“Yes!” – Berra
“I thought so!” – GM

“Did you invoke…” – Varanis, blearily
“Yes, I think I may have used words that were a bit like that…” – Lenta