Awk. Ward.

Session 4.07

1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Waterday

Dramatis Personae




Rotin (the shaman)
Six Sisters
A lot of party goers
Some innocent ducks and chickens


Lenta was mostly recovered from her ordeal (death and resurrection) and wanted to return to Beasts Gather in time for Rotin’s ritual/party and so that she could worship. 

Maalira had been off healing people in a remote hamlet – she managed the return trip to the shrine without difficulty.

There was a lot of chivvying people to get the party started, but once rolling, it made Rotin and the spirit very happy. The water looked much better the next morning. Varanis, who had gotten very drunk, looked much worse. This was not helped by drunken Lenta asking what the Windlord planned to do about this Chaos infestation in a words pretty close to Ernaldan priestess asking action from a Windlord. It seems that during the night, Lenta and Varanis who had both had too much to drink, had gotten involved in some intimate worship rituals and the morning came with a hangover and some awkwardness. Lenta seemed rather embarrassed of certain word choices.

At some point (not clear to me when), Rotin was taken over by someone (the Six Sisters?) and revealed that there’s a major blockage affecting the flow of water and causing some of the Chaos problem. They must deal with that blockage.

Session Quotes