Toad & Co

Session 4-13

1629, Sea Season, Fertility Week, Godday-Freezeday

Dramatis Personae


Lenta (in spirit form)


Venlar (in letter form)
Finrik (mushroom shaman)
A troll spirit
Humakti guards (woefully taken for granted)
Four of the Six Sisters: Cliff Toad, Duck, Griffin, and Hawk)


Mellia was still feeling horrible, despite the medicine that Maalira made for her. They decided to head back to the Nunnery together. Berra would not permit the group to split up again because of how badly things had gone in the past and besides, for some reason it was bucketing down rain and everyone was soaked through.1A consequence of chasing cloud sheep in the spirit world, Varanis!

After safely arriving at the Nunnery, Mellia received a letter from Venlar (see below). She was then given full healing to deal with the lingering effects of the disease spirit she’d encountered. The Nunnery lent on Varanis for a donation to cover the healing, despite it being a White Lady they were helping. Varanis handed over 40L.

Finrik, the shaman, needed to borrow Varanis and one of her healers. He gave her and Mellia a mushroom each and while Varanis became very ill from hers, Mellia entered fully into the spirit world. Finrik put her on like a cloak in the shape of a moth and wandered off with her into the spirit world to try to find a clue to the whereabouts of the Wyter. They encountered a troll spirit who demanded Mellia deliver what she’d promised. Finrik fended him off with a duck/sword and they returned to the Nunnery, but they did see a path going towards what was probably Battle Valley.

The shaman decreed that for reasons, the next part of Mellia’s journey could only include Mellia and the warriors to guard her (namely Varanis and Berra, and the two hired Humakti). They were to set off to visit the Six Sisters again to try to find the food magic the trolls thought could be found there.

Their first stop was Cliff Toad, where they spied the spirit’s eyes peering at them from within a pool of mud and slime. Varanis swam through the mud to meet the giant spirit toad. After making an offering and attempting to communicate with Cliff Toad, she woke the spirit, which licked her, causing a scar to appear on her left arm.2Scar gave spirit magic “detect poison”.

They then journeyed to Duck, who was a beautiful, bright, dancing thing, like a spirit from the Spike itself. Berra tried talking to Duck, but after a conversation she sent Mellia to talk to it instead. Although Duck did not like trolls, she promised to give Mellia magic for seeing dragons if she would heal in the name of the spirit.

Still searching for the elusive food magic, the party headed to Griffin. At the top of Griffin, Varanis saw a bright, but seemingly unfriendly Griffin spirit. She called for Berra and Mellia to come up. Berra climbed to the top ahead of Mellia and as she came over the edge the spirit became enraged, shouting about what she was. It lunged and Varanis threw herself between the Griffin and Berra, but Berra lost her grip and plunged 10 m down, onto the rocks below and DIED (almost).3”Best” timed fumble on climb. She used all of her Rune Magic to make a massive shield on the way down, and still hit the ground hard. Mellia skidded down the rope and set to work healing her by performing brain surgery on the spot!

Meanwhile, Lenta had talked to Rik, who had taken her in spirit form to see Duck. Hurriedly. The gentle, beautiful dancer said that there was a conflict coming. Cliff Toad and Griffin hated each other and Varanis was blessed by Cliff Toad, and going to visit Griffin. Lenta should try to make peace between them. Duck sent her up into the air, to land near to Griffin, but Lenta could not control the landing.

At the top of the mountain, Lenta turned up as a spirit snake and tried to protect Varanis from the Griffin, being totally ignored by both, but making a very cute tiny hissing sound. Meanwhile, Varanis was approached by the spirit threateningly, and stayed where she was, open-handed, trying to appease it. It came at her anyway. Lenta jumped between them and got attacked. She ended up disoriented and after Varanis and the Griffin tussled, Lenta attacked Varanis. Things were eventually sorted out and Griffin’s ego was appeased. Varanis surrendered the Detect Poison spell and her scar was replaced by a different mark and she gained Detect Gold instead. Griffin told Varanis that her friend was lacking in aspiration, and needed to learn to comprehend the Fire and Sky to gain it.

Down at the bottom of the rope, Mellia finished dealing with Berra’s head injury and brought her round with magic. She gave praise to Chalana Arroy and Berra replied naturally with ‘we are all us,’ which Varanis heard, but the two guarding Humakti did not.

From Griffin, they headed toward Hawk, where they found a cliff with a tree path etched into its side, and they took slightly ways up despite trying to stay together. At the top, they spied a hawk perched on a branch, watching them. Mellia spoke to the spirit, but it said it could not offer food magic, only seeing magic. A tiny snake arrived, bounced there by magic, after getting rather lost, and crawled elegantly and beautifully up the branch. Hawk contemplated eating Lenta’s spirit and although it accepted Varanis’ offer of some of her spirit4Magic points, what it really wanted was rodents. It attacked Lenta, who fought well against it, but was ultimately “killed” so that her spirit could return to her body at the Nunnery. Before leaving, Varanis asked the Hawk to keep an eye out for Serala, should she pass that way.

Session Quotes

  • 1
    A consequence of chasing cloud sheep in the spirit world, Varanis!
  • 2
    Scar gave spirit magic “detect poison”.
  • 3
    ”Best” timed fumble on climb.
  • 4
    Magic points