Sartar Season 3

Baby Blues

There was some rough and tumble in Prax before Rajar, Maalira, and the others made their way back to Boldhome, where Berra and Varanis had spent the winter. Reunited, the party took a roundabout trip to Clearwine, by way of Blue Tree. (1628, Sea Season)

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Xenofos and Berra argued in the street over the egg. There was a legal dispute as others stepped forward to claim it. Queen Leika made a ruling. (1628, Sea Season, Death Week, Wildday)

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All Get Out

Playing Orlanthi chicken with a ruler tends to go poorly for the other person and anyone associated with them. Plus, Onjur wrote a letter. (1628, Sea Season, Fertility Week, Clayday to Windsday)

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HeroQuest 1

Berra was resisting the quest as much as possible, while Varanis embraced it fully. Maalira, as Chalana Arroy, went hard to work with healing. (1628, Fire Season, Stasis Week (ish))

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HeroQuest 2

The quest proceeds as the Lightbringers begin to come together. Berra continues to resist, even as Jar-eel takes her in hand. (1628, Fire Season, Stasis Week (ish))

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