HeroQuest 3

Session 3.20

1628, Fire Season, Stasis Week (ish)

Dramatis Personae


Berra (Humakt)
Irillo (Issaries)
Maalira (Chalana Arroy)
Dormal (Eurmal)
Suuraki (an unknown god)
Valseena (Flesh Man)
Varanis (Vinga-Orlanth)
Xenofos (Ginna Jar)


Jar-eel (Lhankor Mhy)


Valseena and Suuraki were riding in the expanded lands of Prax (e.g. Tarsh), when the Eirthan found herself suddenly alone in the darkness. She called out for Suuraki, but he did not answer. As the light began to coalesce around her she saw a strange woman in glowing white who seemed to be speaking to someone called Flesh Man (Maalira heard Flesh Man call out for Suuraki).

Suuraki noticed that Valseena was still riding, but something was wrong. He made it to her side quickly enough to catch her as she slid sideways off the bison. The Praxian hunter recognized the signs of great magic at work and so he placed his wife gently on the ground and set up camp, the better to keep her safe.

Dormal was enjoying himself at a pub in Pavis one moment and the next he was in Sorcerer’s Town. Looking around, he rather swiftly recognized Irillo and asked what trouble Varanis had caused.1“Irillo, how can I put this? What the shit did she do this time?” As Irillo tried to explain the situation to Dormal and Maalira attempted the same for Valseena, Orlanth grew impatient and decreed that it was time to continue onwards toward the Western Sea.

Vinga-Orlanth thus led her companions, Lhankor Mhy, Issaries, Chalana Arroy, Flesh Man, and Eurmal to the shore. There they met Ginna Jar who told them how to summon Sofala, the god of turtles. As they waited for Sofala’s arrival, they bound themselves together with oaths to form the Lightbringers’ Ring.

Together, the Lightbringers climbed onto Sofala’s back and the great turtle set off. As they crossed the Western Seas, they saw two beings engaged in combat on the water. Sofala swam between them and the Lightbringers split their attention. 

Orlanth and Ginna Jar went to face the dragon, while Flesh Man, Chalana Arroy, and Dormal went to deal with the other god. He was clearly wounded and the healers wanted to heal him, but he wouldn’t stop fighting. Eurmal caused ice to appear under his feet, knocking the god down and though he evaded Flesh Man, he was healed at last. Thus it was that Suuraki awoke, staring up at Endars who had seen the smoke from his fire and come to investigate.

Orlanth attacked the sea dragon by hitting him with a thunderbolt, then striking him with the sword, Death. Ginna Jar also struck at the great beast and it retaliated by crashing into the island with its body. Orlanth struck at it again and the dragon dove below the surface. It looked as though Orlanth might follow, but Ginna Jar grabbed him and ensured he stayed safely on Sofala.

A giant fish, Golod threw himself onto the turtle. He would have attacked, but Eurmal managed to persuade him that they were kin. Eurmal told the great fish god where to find plentiful fish to eat and his kinsman swam away.

Not long after, Sofala brought them ashore near the gate to Hell. For a moment, Lhankor Mhy became strange, as though another was being shoved into his form. After a moment of confusion, Humakt appeared, guarding the gate and Lhankor Mhy seemed to be both himself and Jar-eel. Humakt attempted to interrupt the Quest, appealing to Vinga to walk away, but she refused. Orlanth was determined. Humakt then tried to break the Ring, to persuade any of the Lightbringers to abandon their oaths, but they would not. Thus it was that the quest continued and Humakt was left alone.

nails ears shut – Berra

“…end their countries’ strife…” – GM
“You could have just left strife off the end of that and it would still work.” – Suuraki

“So far West in Prax that some people might refer to this as Tarsh.” – GM
“Some people might refer to it as the Grazelands.” – Suuraki

“Horse Stance. Only not.” – Berra
“I thought I had a bison here. What happened?” – Valseena

“What’s that, Flesh Man? Suuraki’s fallen down the well?” – Suuraki

“Sadness. I wanted the DUCK.” – Berra
“… Who is now forced to play Lhankor Mhy.” – Berra

“And you’re in the dark.” – GM
“Well, SHIT.” – Dormal

“My cabbages chickens!” – Maalira


“Do me a Cult Lore Eurmal at +25.” – GM
“Wahey, 100!” – Dormal
“Apparently someone was asleep in Disorder School…” – GM
“Yeah, most of us!” – Dormal

“That’s how you get top marks in Disorder School.” – Dormal

“He was right here. What on ?” – Valseena
“Heroquest!” – Maalira
sags – Valseena

“I apologise in advance for your imminent death.” – Suuraki

“Adding purity to the eyes helps to clean out the disease spirits.” – Berra

“He will be safe.” – Issaries
“I hope!” – Irillo, quietly…

“Pssst, Irillo.” – Dormal
“No, but I wish I was.” – Irillo
“How can I put this. What the SHIT… did she do this time?” – Dormal
“Do you remember that complete and utter Lunar Bastard?” – Irillo
“Yep.” – Dormal

“My one regret is that I am here to help.” – Dormal

Berra goes towards the drums, because there are drums. “I’m in the Dark. That’s pretty much how my whole life is, to be honest.” – Berra
“But I said I was looking for something, and that’s something.” – Berra

“Quack quack.” – Dormal
“Who are YOU?” – Valseena
“I’m a duck!” – Dormal

“Animal bit used for really cheap sausages.” – Irillo

“Flesh Man has a beard. Although he was femaler before.” – GM
“Can I shave it off?” – Flesh Man

“Everyone keeps calling me crazy…” – Varanis
“Crazy. Proper noun.” – Berra

“Sacrifices. We all have to make them.” – Xenofos
“The trick is to make sure that the animal doesn’t wriggle too much. Except in your case, Maalira. You have to make sure the turnip doesn’t wriggle too much.” – GM

“This is typical of human-duck prejudith!” – Dormal

“Oh, BUCKED up.” – Berra
“That’s bucked up with a b. For Bravo.” – GM a moment later.

“Can you all make a Scan roll please?” – GM
“I just need to check if that’s a Fumble!” – Varanis
“Perhaps, oh great leader, we should consult the mysterious figure on a hill.” – Dormal
“What mysterious figure?” – Varanis
“That one!” – Dormal

“Berra made her choice,” says Maalira. With just a little edge in it.
“Oooh. Someone’s in trouble. When they get home.” – GM
“If.” – Dormal

“Xenofos/Ginna is in trouble trying to think without the beard.” – Xenofos
“You keep stroking EXACTLY the wrong thing.” – Berra

“Maalira. Am I supposed to die on this quest at any point?” – Valseena

“Berra fights Wakboth? who is using a light mace.” – Xenofos

“It is always right to eat more. – Big Troll” – Xenofos

“To live is to suffer.” – Cragspider

“I am king of the world gods!” Orlanth

“We’re gonna need a bigger turtle” – Suuraki/Dormal

“I shall Thunderbolt the dragon!” – Varanis
“And then with another arm, I will attack it with my sword!” – Varanis
“And my other arms, I will grapple it!” – Varanis

“Can’t fix stupid but we can sedate it.” – Xenofos

“Valseena gets plus 40 to her grapple Suuraki roll. Because she has experience. wink wink, nudge nudge” – Varanis

“Varanis engages a geographic feature first with thunderbolt and sword.” – Xenofos

“I suspect you both want to roll dodge…” – GM
“Both fail. GM walks away.” – Varanis
“Orlanth and Ginna Jar fail dodge.” – Xenofos
“Splat.” – Xenofos

“I think the dragon might be Suuraki’s llama.” – Varanis
“It’ll be Onjur in a dragon costume, sweating because he knows he needs to be in another costume in about 20 minutes and you’ve just bent his armour around him.” – Berra

“Oh, Eril…” – Berra

“I successfully grappled that airhead.” – Xenofos

“… embarrassing damage leading to an interview with no wine with the High Healer.” – GM

“Alas, could not help in time.” – Berra
“Should I put my hand up?” – Berra
“And HELP?” – Berra
“Halp.” – Xenofos

“Ooops, already fought the devil…” – Berra
“White ‘sky’ bear out of Hell.” – Berra
“Tell what might be Harrek what’s going on and then… I’m out of hell?” – Berra

“Ew, what are THOSE?” – Dormal
“Those are numerous small monsters which I have defeated with my camp defenses.” – Irillo, heavy on the sarcasm.

“Some of us listened in Temple.” – Irillo
“Some of us had money to pay for teaching.” – Dormal
“Pay? I bargained.” – Irillo
“Some of us were too busy to pay attention. But we don’t remember just now.” – Varanis

“Greetings, cousin!” – Eurmal
“Golod has poor memory. But he is a trusting soul…” – Xenofos

“I shall burp convincingly.” – Dormal

“So… you’re asking me to monologue? To reveal my fiendish plan to you?” – Jar-eel
“Yes, I’m casting Lie on you right now so you’ll think this is a thing you want to do.” – Dormal

“From the Book of Five Rings, to fool your enemy, you must first fool yourself.” – Dormal

“Are the gates open – I want to see Orlanth is not running ahead.” – Xenofos
“…I might have been eyeballing my dice and my Movement Rune.” – Varanis

GM returns with book, leafs through, “Now, about character generation….”

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    “Irillo, how can I put this? What the shit did she do this time?”