Session 3.25

1628, Earth Season, Harmony Week, before and coming up to Clayday

Dramatis Personae




Kalis, High Priestess of Ernalda
Carasai the beleagured headman
Javan, wise wife of Carasai
Some children and an exploded frog
An unknown shaman – Kolati?


Lenta was in Boldhome and spending time at the Earth Temple. While there, High Priestess Kalis came to visit with her and suggested that Lenta’s help was needed to rein Varanis. Varanis was “helping” again. Conveniently for the young Ernaldan, Irillo was in the area. He agreed to travel with her, as he had a lot of stuff to haul and animals to herd and was going the right direction (and grumbling a lot, because he really doesn’t deal in these kinds of goods). 

In the Greyrock lands, especially around the village of Greyrock Fall, Varanis was helping Carasai the Red. The Orlanthi was politely putting up with the over-eager outsider, but it was getting to the point where he was trying to avoid her. She was constantly underfoot. 

Suuraki was trading secrets with the local hunters, with his wife Valseena listening and learning. 

Maalira was being a visiting White Lady, interacting with and helping the villagers as best she could without stepping on toes. She noticed that malnutrition was a growing problem in the fringes of the settlement and asked Varanis to help her talk to Javan, the headman’s wife. Javan suggested that they could try an Eirithan Heroquest to improve some of the lands for grazing herds.

Running with the Ernaldan’s suggestion, Varanis approached Valseena and Suuraki to ask if they would be willing to help, as they would need to be at the heart of the quest. They were hesitant, especially Valseena, who was still angry with Varanis and Berra. Eventually, they agreed to discuss it. Without Varanis present.

Irillo and Lenta stopped at Grey Rock Cave to chat with the locals a bit. People were friendly and there were no immediate causes for concern and no one in need of urgent help. Irillo did a bit of trading and was pleased. 

In Greyrock Fall, Maalira helped look after little children with varying complaints (falling out of trees, imaginary bites, and exploded frogs). She attended a frog funeral and broke up a brawl.

Valseena and Suuraki met with a Kolati shaman (? I think?) who helpfully suggested that it would probably be fine for them to do the ritual. They agreed and went to tell Javan, making sure that she understood that neither of them are priests yet.

Irillo reported to Varanis and she suggested that they should hand all of the stuff he’d transported for her to Carasai and let him work out what to do with it all. The merchant winced, but deals were made and people’s needs met for a time. Everybody helped!

“She is helping.” – Kalis

“Maalira and Varanis are making friends and influencing people.” – Varanis

“That’s fine. It’s all fine. Everything is fine.” – Irillo
“That’s my line!” – Varanis, from far away in Greyrock Fall

“At least this time, she’s not trying to get me killed.” Irillo

“Valseena, she’s trying.” – GM
“Yes, she is.” – Irillo

“Not an air toad…” – Varanis
“The funeral was ribbeting.” – Suuraki

“My frog popped!” – Small Child

“My young lady’s cult doesn’t believe in marriage.” – Irillo
“It’s not the Humakti, is it?” – Farmast
Irillo chokes.

“I have brought the things you asked for.” – Irillo
“Lenta!” – Varanis

“I’m not going to turn myself a profit on this trip.” – Irillo
“Depends how you define profit, dear one!” – Varanis

“The place isn’t on fire, we don’t seem to have summoned any local gods…” – Irillo
“Speaking of which!” – Varanis
“…” – Irillo

Letter from X to others: “To my cousins Varanis, Maalira and Valseena, greetings and protection of the veiled one.
“I would like you to read this to Maalira and Valseena, who as far as I know do not. I am unfortunately a bit delayed, for reasons too long to recount. I will follow you at first possible occasion. If you meet with our clan, I would like you to ask my mother if for someone not of Bison tribe carrying an unborn with Bison tribe blood protection of Eiritha can be called upon. There is no yurt and no wife, but Aranda the Ulerian did help me out of a rather dark valley and I would like her to have any help possible.

“While we are getting prepared for this ritual, is there a large wicker structure being built…?” Suuraki

“Undulating landscape full of crocs… no, crops.” – Xenofos

“Stop that, Varanis! You are concussed.” – Maalira

“I would just like to point out that if Vinga seduces Eiritha, Irillo is to blame!” – Varanis

“He definitely looks like he has hooves in all the right places.” – GM

“I’m a great hunter, I know these wilds, my dad can totally beat up his dad…” – Waha

“You think you’re herd enough?” – Maalira

Varanis is glaring at Irillo and has some blood on her forehead.
“Is that hurting a lot, Varanis?” – Lenta, with big eyes…
glowers “It hurts. But… he stole my role!” – Varanis
Lenta:I am sure he was not doing it on purpose. And he did well, so it ended well.

“I think my hair may have achieved sentience.” – GM

“Kalis told I probably should have some fresh air.” Lenta says looking at her fingers. “There was other stuff too…”