Silenced Bird

Mellia — Silenced Bird

????, Earth Season, Season/Fertility Week


1626 Earth Season/Fertility Week/Windsday/very early evening in the Great Hospital’s trauma ward. [[[s02:session-7|Session 7]]]


There is some commotion when a bleeding Yelmalian is carried in.

Mellia will tend to the patient. She is very good at such things.
Who is it?

She would need to be. Those punctures are deep, he has lost a terrifying amount of blood and his cheek has been smashed.

Mellia says something truly foul when she sees how much blood the patient has lost. Will Heal 6 do, or is it time for Heal Body?

Hmmm. The gash on his thigh has cut major arteries and tendons so that heal six might not see him walk. There are punctures on his stomach. A slash to the throat. Heal body and grow limb ?

Heal Body regrows limbs. If Mellia has Heal Body at this point, she’ll use it. Otherwise she’ll use Heal Wound, Regrow Limb and scream for someone with Heal Body.

The young man has truth rune tattooed on his right cheek. Of the left one it is really hard to say.
Handsome fellow.

“Who on Glorantha tried to murder you?” Mellia muses aloud.

You are told his name is Vahnfar. Of House Telendar.
His linen cuirass had to be cut out when they started treating him.
It lies in a bloody pile at the corner.

“Poor thing,” Mellia says, “I hope he didn’t throw a pass at my cousin Varanis.” Mellia minds her manners. She’s seen it all before.

Mellia studies Vahnfar’s wounds. Sharp-edged and deep. Rapier?

Rapier probably. Too wide for spear. Maybe pommel to the face. Or a mace.

Mellia frowns. This is looking more and more like a run-in with Varanis. Mellia gets Vahnfar into a hospital gown and a bed and orders lots of water for him when he wakes up.

Chief healer of the ward wants to keep him in Sleep for at least night and day to combat spirits that might have entered his stomach with the blade.
Slaves who carried the man to hospital and his stern looking friend disappeared before you came to the ward.

Mellia agrees that keping Vahnfar asleep is wise and will try to turn up when he wakes up.