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On the road from Dragonewt city to Duckpoint [[[s02:session-42|Session 42]]]


At the noon break, Berra spends some time pretending to be a tree.

There’s a dance, and everything. It’s actually not bad, if a bit spikey.

And, that evening, Berra is back on the greatsword drills.

Xenofos looks gloomily if she suggests to Varanis sparring with the thing.

She does not, although she does ask Xenofos if he’ll wrestle her. Please.

He blushes. But nods after a moment. “I think I promised that.”

Where she used to be only after learning about grappling against swords, she seems far more eager now to go right up to the fall, interested in pins and locks.

Varanis watches intently and calls out useful suggestions from time to time.1 V: I actually rolled very well on that. Calling out suggestions is something the more experienced wrestlers in my dojo do. Sometimes it even helps me. Maybe it gives you a tiny boost on your grapple, Berra? B: Numbers say this is not helpful, alas. I need more than a little. V:Distracted by long, lean limbs?

Xenofos seems to be knowing what he is doing. With his skill he manages to counter Berra’s strength and lead her towards Ernalda.

Berra takes a fall, and another, practices a few holds – she takes it all in good heart, although there is no broad smile when she is done; she has been beaten, most of her tricks stopped, and she has been grounded repeatedly, but she bows to Xenofos in the fading light, and says, “Thank you, Lord.”

“Thank you, little cousin. It is all about balance and feeling the Earth. I will be no match to you once you learn to have that touch.”

“Hoping.” Berra stretches her muscles, rolls her shoulders in that familiar way. Goes to get the dust out of her hair.

Varanis looks at them both and gets that familiar manic look in her eyes. Her muscles tense like she’s trying to decide which of them to pounce on. But then, incredibly, she doesn’t. “You’ll get there, Berra. You’re lower to the Earth, so Ernalda loves you more. You just need to learn to embrace that.”

“I embraced her a lot, thanks.” Berra gives Varanis a broad grin.

“More practice with Xenofos will make you better at it,” the Vingan offers. “He really is the best of us at this.”

Berra nods. “Yeah.” Xenofos gets a glance, and a raise of the chin to note him being not far off. “He said he’d help me.”

Berra gets Xenofos to help her with her wrestling.