Like The Block Fell On My Head

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Riding from Dragonewt city towards Duckpoint [[[s02:session-42|Session 42]]]


The first morning after they set off, Berra looks like she slept very badly. She does not perk up much during the day, but does her duty grimly, efficiently, and with occasional moments of viciousness. Even Followed seems to be infected with the mood, or else Berra is not being kind while riding. Still, she seems to be acting as a warrior should, taking guard, organising the roster, and glaring moodily at people who have not given any offense.

Rajar seems similarly silent and bad tempered. Acting much more like a traditional Stormbull. He rides rear guard as normal but is silent. He seems to be drinking with a purpose rather than for taste or entertainment.

Berra, in the heat of the noonday sun, drops back to check on Rajar.

Rajar stares out from the inside of his great helm but says nothing. His eyes are bloodshot and his shoulders slumped.
His lance is upright and his shield high however

“You… need some small beer in there, big man?” Offering something close to water is how Berra cares.

Rajar accepts the beer. He grimaces as the light strikes his eyes and slumps back down so the great helm leaves his face in shade

“Oooooh… Alright. Your captain says use a soft hat.” Berra’s voice is either quiet but clipped, or else as the banging of a thousand discordant temple gongs, depending on point of view.

“Fighting Wakboth to the death was hard. Having the Block land on us was…. Heavy. I’ll be fine.” Rajar Considers the road ahead, spits and allows vengeance to plod on.

Berra sighs, and rides on for a bit. “I got my pride handed to me by Yanafal Tarnils,” she says, and now she too is looking down.

“Dragon Magic. Not to be trusted” mutters Ragar

“Yeah, well….. Next time.” Despite her words, Berra does not perk up.
Berra and Rajar discuss their heroquests atop Draconic pyramid