Words With Uncle Des

Xenofos — Words With Uncle Des

????, Fire Season, Season/Death Week


Fire Season/Death Week/Clay Day/ In Saiciae Palazzo [[[s02:session-42|Session 42]]]


At Saiciae palazzo Xenofos was discussing with his uncle Desdel.
“So you see why I need to dictate this report?” he says.

It is a hot day in a full room in early Fire Season. Mellia is safely married, and apparently has been for some days. Berra has not yet punched anyone at a wedding. Desdel… well, he is not so happy. The juvenile phrase ‘got his beard in a twist’ might work here. “I see many things,” he says finally, after the spluttering has subsided.

“It is quite interesting phenomenon. So it needs to be recorded properly.” Xenofos points out. “And since I am, at least now not able to do it myself in written form, I need someone else’s help. Ofcourse I can just go there and use a paid scribe, but that has potential for misplacement of records.”

“You are going to need help, yes…” To Xenofos it is obvious that Desdel is thinking this through, and even obvious that he is thinking how to help Xenofos, and not about the Library in particular. 1 Desdel got a critical Love Family there, and failed Loyalty (Cult). He is happy to find EXACTLY the right experts to help you phrase the question of how much trouble you are in. “It would be best to approach this without rushing.”

“I promised Varanis I would talk with the Sages and I was thinking of asking Lhankor Mhy directly – if I am allowed to do that at this state.” Xenofos answers earnestly.

“Well, you have asked me,” Desdel says smoothly. “Let me work out whom to ask. There are many who would seek to use this against you.”

He might mean to say more, but he has paused as if to consider what should go next.

Xenofos shrugs. “If Lhankor Mhy thinks what I have done merits separation from him, that is the way it is. If not, he will let me know. I am troubled by the doubt though, and would rather ask him to know.”

“Yes, young man, but we talk to him through the Cult, so we are not troubled by all of his great knowledge, nor destroyed by his power. It is not the god you need to fear here, but those who struggle against each other in the Library.”

“It should be patently obvious I am not seeking tenure. So why do you think someone would use his guile to harm me when they have real opponents in the comptetition?”

Around them the chatter subsided for a moment as the bride goes past. A woman a few years older than Mellia, she is in green and white, looking very Ernaldan.

Xenofos looks after her with a weird expression.

“Because you are a Saiciae, and our house is doing well,” Desdel murmurs, the words hardly getting past his beard. “And those who push you forward will do well.”

“You really think servants of Knowledge and seekers of Truth would waste their effort on such petty bickering?” Xenofos asks.

“My dear boy! It’s the only thing some of them live for.” Desdel goes so far as to chuckle at the innocence of the youth of today.

Xenofos shakes his head.

“Then there are some who – while I do not agree with them – will say in full belief that this is a matter for which you should be expelled. Those who do not look at precedents before acting; those who are not careful enough.”

Xenofos shrugs. “What can I say. I hope I would have the courage to do the same thing again. It felt the True thing to do then and does so still. So maybe they would be right?”

“Why would you making the same decision mean they would be right? It has nothing to do with your decision. Maybe I am right, and we should read – listen to – the precedents.” His beard bristles again. He did not like that logic.

“Lhankor Mhy should not abandon Light of Wisdom” Xenofos says quietly. “I passed her over for other obligations…”

“Obligations,” Desdel agrees. “Yes. Would you stay at home while Darkness ruled?”

The bride passes by again, pressing treats on a pack of children who are singing a blessing song. That was why she went that way. To fetch the basket of Ernalda, that gives out good things.

“What home, uncle Desdel.” He makes way for the children and the bride. “It seems my home is in my saddle and will be so for quite some time…”

“Quite. Why should the slow movers and the fast talkers be presented with an argument half-formed? We must look into this matter with care. I shall find a few friendly sages for you, and we will treat it as a matter of the finding of knowledge, at first. If we decide it is a problem – and we shall be honest about it – then we shall ask experts and judges.” Desdel nods, as if that is the best way he can think of.

“Why complicate this? We could just leave my report and ask Lord of Knowledge himself. I think he has given a sign already. But it is not like I feel being under the Mindflayers justice.”

“Because the Lord of Knowledge is not the cult, and the cult supports you in his worship. But of course we can do that as well. In the private shrine, I think…”

Xenofos shrugs. “Whichever way the bones fall. If following Truth of my word means expulsion, I am not sure if it is worth contesting. I would miss reading though.”2 blundered devotion LM

“And if the cult is the way to get it back, and jealousies within prevent it?” Desdel shakes his head. “You are determined on a course, moving, not static.”

“I am determined to Truth” Xenofos says. “And maybe Love”

“We… have heard about that. Do you want the House or even friends within the Cult to find you someone?” For someone so readable earlier, Desdel has become a mass of illegibility, on this matter.

“What? No. I have no wish to marry, uncle.” he hesitates for a bit. “I can’t see leaving service of Varanis and keeping true to my oaths.”

“Oh, of course not,” Desdel replies, and leaves it alone. “We should start at the House shrine, when the festivities are over. No need to cause drama or use it when others might wish to. And I’ll investigate a few things at the Library.”

Xenofos nods.

  • 1
    Desdel got a critical Love Family there, and failed Loyalty (Cult). He is happy to find EXACTLY the right experts to help you phrase the question of how much trouble you are in.
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    blundered devotion LM