Eurmali Theft By Forgetting

Ephemera — Eurmali Theft By Forgetting


A Rune spell for removing the markings from items, stolen or otherwise

Disorder, Illusion

Cost & Keywords
1 point, Stackable, Touch (arms)

A Eurmali fence can cause items, even those marked by permanent means, to forget their previous owners and revert to an innocent, unowned state from which the Eurmali can free them by claiming them. Any number of marked items may be released this way, at a cost of one magic point per mundane mark. Magical markings require stacked spells to overcome as per normal magic rules, plus one magic point.

The fence puts his arms around the items, linking hands, and pulling them to him while casting the spell. Brands, tattoos, and all owner’s marks vanish. Incidental damage by which an item could be recognised does not; faked ‘accidental’ damage counts as incidental marks.

Along with the item forgetting that it had a previous owner, the Fence will forget that he ever held these items, resulting in a delightful surprise on finding what he now holds. However, a fumbled casting will cause the Eurmali to forget that he wants them, or his name, or some other important feature. A Critical success in casting will heal all incidental damage, restoring the item to a perfect new state.

This spell can also be used to remove marks from slaves, living owned items, or the willing owners of scars, but they will wake to find their last few minutes have vanished and they are, for some unaccountable reason, in the arms of a Eurmali who does not remember holding them.