Berra and Rajar speak of Chaos

Berra — Berra Rajar Chaos 01

????, Earth Season


Late in Earth Season, after a successful climb of Kero Fin.


(*rolls to check honour* … Yeah, Berra will ask Rajar at some point what he thinks about letting some Chaos go to fight other Chaos.)

“Well. There is always Chaos. At the Block. At Snakepipe Hollow. If it stands before me I must kill it or die trying, if it lurks I must hunt it. In this case however Snakepipe was going nowhere and I was on a mission to stop the vampiregirlsofdoom from being able to gate into Whitewall at will. Said mission handed to me via Storm Khan. So I’m all good. Snakepipe Hollow will wait.”

“Aah, yes. I was thinking of the Scorpions. I think it honourable to keep the roads clear, but we must also deliver Vestra and her writings to Boldhome, intact and presentable.” A short pause. “That is, the writings presentable, but I’d really like to have Vestra alive and well too.”

“Well we were pretty close to SnakePipe Hollow so I assumed they were raiders from there.”

“Oooohhhhh…. Yes. Maybe.” Berra looks relieved. “After this, it will be Dark Season. In Storm Season, maybe we could go keep the roads clear together.”

“That seems like a good plan to me. Depending on what happens at White Wall, if the Storm Khan has plans for me and if the Lunars invade…..but otherwise yes.”

“Yes. If the Lunars invade, I will be keeping the roads clear of them, instead.” Berra gives a broad, sudden, savage grin. “I get the idea that Whitewall is just the spark to this flame, though. There will be war soon enough, and ravens will glut.”

“Yes. The Dragon Rise was a mighty blow. But only one blow. And now they will strike back.”

Berra leans back against Billy, who probably does not notice. “So. I’m likely to be heading a unit, then. A dozen or more. I had hoped to go home this year, or next.” She shrugs it off. “Or I could see what else needs doing. A smaller strike force. I don’t know. Maybe Venna will tell me.”

“And Home is where? Didn’t we pass through your clan lands a while back?”

“The Blue Tree clan.” She scowls very slightly, expression mirroring inner darkness. “If you go back along to Dangerford and then keep going along the river, that’s where the Tula is. I’d invited Mellia there for Earth Season, and then Whitewall happened. At the shortest walk, we were a little over a day away. I haven’t been back in….” Some finger counting happens, and Berra holds up seven fingers. “That many years.”

A nod from Rajar. “So your lands are quite close, not far from Alda Chur and Alone and the Snakepipe. I’d go with you . Depending on the Khan’s plans.”

“A bit further to the East. The Dragonnewt wilds, and the Malkoni clan.” Berra might be looking for somewhere polite to spit, but does not find it. “I think might local temple might be at Clearwine Fort, or it might be at Alda Chur. I suppose I should petition to join one, but I’m still a member in Nochet. You’d be welcome to the clan at any time. Just say my name, and that I said you would be, and you fought with me.”

“Alongside…although that one time…”

“Well. I had not committed to killing you. I probably should, given what was behind me, but it was hard when there was another way. And I’m not sure I could.” Berra looks slightly too calculating, unless you know what a Berserk Rage is from the inside.

“However yes, I’ll go if that’s where Storm Bull’s wind blows my path to.”

“Yes. And I’ll probably see… hey, do you know anything about rhino riders?” A complete change of subject, perhaps.

“A bit, my Khan is one and they are fellow Praxians of course.”

“I want to find out the name of the last owner of my sword. To tell his Clan I have it, and he gave it to me, so they know.” Berra’s hand strokes Wind Tooth with more love than she ever applies to people.

“Hmmmmmmmm we could go ask.”

“Well, it’s something to do, and that’s the way the wind could take us. Let’s do that if nothing else falls on us first.”

“That also is a plan.” (Rajar smiles)