Character and NPC Drawings

Ephemera — Character Drawings


Rajar, to scale with other people

Rajar in a moment of relaxation, with Berra (the small one) and Varanis (would be the medium one but Rajar is a larrrrge man). Rajar, self-described, fits into his torso-detailed breastplate much like a jelly into its mould.

Pose reference: Senshistock.

[[<image rajar-berra-varanis.tif size=”medium”]]

Irillo and Salid

Pose reference: Senshistock.

[[<image irillo-salid.tif size=”medium”]]

Finarvi and Serala

Based on an illustration by Angus McBride.

[[<image finarvi-serala.tif size=”medium”]]


‘A non-specific resemblance to a weasel…’

Face reference; Buscemi

[[<image dormal.tif size=”medium”]]

Berra in Action

Pose reference: Senshistock.

[[<image berra.tif size=”medium”]]

Nala and Zinat

Pose reference: Lex – Spirit of Law

[[<image nala-zinat.tif size=”medium”]]


[[<image Nala.tif size=”medium”]]

Mellia in Action

Pose reference: Senshistock.

[[<image mellia.tif size=”medium”]]


[[<image varanis.tif size=”medium”]]


[[<image xenofos.tif size=”medium”]]

[[<image valseena2.jpg size=”medium”]]

Young Love in Boldhome

Venlar and Mellia
[[<image venlar-mellia.tif size=”medium”]]

[[image Mellarp.jpg size=”medium”]]

Xenofos Sends a Letter

Xenofos gives a letter to Berra, for Varanis if he dies in a duel. [[[|Session 2.7]]]
[[<image xenofos-berra-letter.jpg size=”medium”]]

Berra and Varanis

Berra and Varanis in Nochet
[[image lasses2.tif size=”medium”]]

Berra and Varanis in armour
[[image beranispieni.jpg size=”medium”]]
Lenta Hulta

[[<image lenta.tif size=”medium”]]

Vasos the Sailor

A Dormalite Sailor
Pose reference: Senshistock.

[[<image vasos.tif size=”medium”]]

Agri Hulta

[[<image agri.tif size=”medium”]]

Vahnfar – Golden Oriole of house Yelandar

[[<image Vahnfar.tif size=”medium”]]

Granny Saiciae

Esrolian Grandmother in semi-informal dress.

[[image GrannyS.tif size=”medium”]]

Xenofos and Varanis in Prax

Two Esrolians riding zebras. After A. McBride

[[image seprat.tif size=”medium”]]

Venna the Stormkhan

Argraths chief of staff and head of logistics Uroxi Stormkhan who has grown greyhaired in her service.
Met in [http: Praxis makes perfect]

[[image Venna.tif size=”medium”]]

Neela of Straw Weaver Clan, Bison Tribe

[[image Neela.tif size=”medium”]]


Xenofos wore an open helmet popular among Esrolian noble cavalrymen, plain in form, but adorned with two green feathers and a horsehair crest.
[[image xenopieni2.jpg size=”medium”]]


Aranda was an Ulerian initiate at Boldhome temple of Uleria

[[image arandas.jpg size=”medium”]]


[[image kalis1pieni.jpg size=”medium”]]

Lunars, unnamed

[[image Onjur2o.jpg size=”medium”]]

[[image onjurp.jpg size=”medium”]]

Varanis, one more take.

[[image varanis3p.jpg size=”medium”]]

Neela, pregnant.

[[<image neela2.jpg size=”small”]]