Clayday Gifts

Berra — Clayday Gifts

????, Earth Season, Fertility Week


Earth Season, Fertility Week, Clayday Evening. [[[s02:session-7|Session 7]]]


For Clayday Eve, Berra gives most people she knows in Esrolia presents. This even includes Dormal, who with a touch too much formality is given snack food of fruit and nuts, the same mix Berra has given to others. However, some people get given more.

Mellia gets a small roll of needles, all very slim and strong, and some silk suture thread. And a hug and a wish that she’ll find a happy marriage this year.

Varanis and Xenofos get sharpening stones quarried where two rocks embrace, so there is a rough and a fine side. Each has a hole bored in it, with runes – resepctively Air and Truth – around the hole.

Berra gives Tiwr some bronze beads for his mane, and Nala a bowl of fresh fruit to help bolster her strength for dancing. She looks happy to be giving gifts, but does not stay with either for long.

Salid is given trail rations and a couple of wooden spear heads to nibble at if he gets peckish. The rest of the Enlo are given gourds that made interesting sounds, and are edible to trollkin without giving them hallucinations.

Irillo gets given a Lunar sewn into a packet in case he ever needs to pay damages for her again, and the usual food gifts.

As a Clayday present, Berra gives Rajar a small set of painted clay people. Their heads come off, and there is is a little wooden axe to go with the set, which looks like her work.

They are, in fact, useful – they are pots, and each has something small to eat inside it.

Rajar is delighted. He plays with them for ages.

Later he leads Berra out back. There are two Bison; one with a duck sized saddle, one with saddle bags

New, fresh, bison. Both have harnesses with little death runes

Berra blinks, a lot. “Uh… For D’Val? Should I take them up there?” She is amazingly pleased, smiling wide enough to hurt her cheeks. “They’ll fit him!”

“One for him. One for you. To carry all the swords.”

Berra launches herself into a hug that gets her arms around the huge man, and there is a lot of squeezing. “You are the best of Bisons!”

“Muhahaha muhahaha excellent! Now beer!”

“Beer. You drink. I’m purifying myself to get closer to Humakt. But I’ll order some beer for when I am done, and sit with you a while in case you need help drinking.”

“Likewise,” Rajar rumbles.

“Do they have names yet?”

“No. That is for you and the feathered death.”

Berra hugs the bisons and then hugs the Bison again, and then goes to demand beer is brought for him. “I’ll think of names. Something he can… well, he should think of one. Mares? Are bison mares called mares?”