Stubborn as a Mule

1626, Earth Season, Harmony Week


Freezeday morning on the road to Whitewall, after finding Avlost.

Relates to The Thorns of Life (Session 2.03)


Mellia is taking a break from tending to Yamia and Avlost. Mellia lets her donkey cart drop back in the caravan until it is near Xenofos. ” Hello, Xenofos. Would you like to ride for a bit?”

Xenofos looks a tad absentminded. ” Oh. Sure.”

Mellia stops the cart, so Xenofos can climb aboard. “How have you been? I apologize for not making time for you.”

“No need to apologize. You have patients to take care. And a beau to occupy your spare time” Xenofos answers with a friendly smile.

“So I do,” Mellia says with a fond smile. She gets all starry-eyed for a moment as she looks at the covered wagon. After she recovers, she asks Xenofos, “Seriously, have you been well?”

Shrugged shoulders. “Quite all right I guess.”

Mellia asks, “You’ve been sleeping well?”

“Been so tired at times that I have just dropped like a log.”

“Sleeping like a log is good,” says Mellia, “but exhaustion is not. Was it just trying to keep Varanis guarded?”

“That and perhaps our little romp into Hell and back.” There is touch of sarcasm in Xenofos ‘ voice and some wrinkles around his eyes when he ends the sentence with a smile.

“That wasn’t easy on any of us. Am I right in guessing that you found a dragon in Hell?”

Sideways glance. “That is what I told you, cousin.”

Mellia nods. “Forgive me. How have you been dealing with that?”

Xenofos brow furrows. Sideway glance. No smile. “I have been writing my and others memories down where I have come to them. But otherwise I don’t intend to deal with that but let that dead dragon lie alone on that dry plain and move on myself.”

Mellia nods again. “Just don’t let it sneak up on you. I admit that beyond some prayer, I’ve been resolutely ignoring the villages of the dead. Maybe I should talk to Jaldis. She’s wise.”

Nod. “Perhaps you should”
Xenofos nods again and gets his horse.

Mellia sighs. “Perhaps we can take some time in Whitewall and do that. Berra and I met Rajar in Whitewall and fought the undead together. I also treated quite a few of the folk there for diseases. That reminds me, don’t drink the water there.”

Xenofos mounts his steed, nods to the advice and gallops to scouting position in front and side of the caravan.

Mellia sighs and coaxes the mules to bring her and the cart back to beside the covered wagon.