Poem to Venlar 1

Mellia — Poem1

????, Earth Season, Season/Harmony Week


1626 Earth Season/Harmony Week/Waterday/during the day? This was supposedly written in Whitewall. [[[s02:session-3|Session 3]]]


I am speechless before you, love.
Shall I write of your eyes, evergreen ?
Your heart, gentle as a gray dove?
Your embrace, calm depths never seen?

Your warmth guards me from the world’s pain.
Your arms always shelter me and
Your calm words cool like summer rain.
I beg you, take my healing hand.

I would ever stay beside you
But I would not be true to me.
Poor Orlanth, a helpmeet find you
White Lady instead of the Green!

If you can let me tend to all
I swear my love shall never fall.

1. Note that while the poem has 14 lines, there are only 8 syllables in each line. This means it wasn’t written by any of the scholars in this saga.