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Xenofos — My Smile Stays On

????, Storm Season, Season/Disorder Week


Storm Season/Disorder Week/WildDay turning to Godday Eve /On the road to Paps. [[[s02:session-25|Session 25]]]


Xenofos is trying to coach a tune out of his cithara, with no marked succes, scribbling something.

Varanis drops to a seated position on the ground beside her cousin with a heavy thud. “I should take off my armour,” she groans. “It’s heavy after a long day.”

Xenofos nods. “That would make sense, cousin” he says quietly, without great interest, fiddling with the tuning of the remaining strings as he answers.

“The watch rota tonight. Berra is going to take the last shift and I’ll take the one before hers. I want her to sleep as long as possible. She hasn’t slept much in the last few days. Can you take first watch? Are you clear-headed enough for it?”

He nods and packs his cithara away. “I cope.”comes his answer, sounding tired.
He looks towards Berra and questioningly at Varanis.1 Varanis passes insight. X seems to be lacking spirit. Down.

“You cope, but are you able to guard tonight? It’s ok to say you aren’t. We have plenty of available hands.”

Brown eyes look at the Vingan. “I’ll hold my post.” His answer comes quietly, tone is formal. Cold even?

“Look, Xenofos, I didn’t meant offend you. But, you haven’t been yourself these last few days.” She starts out trying to soothe him, but it becomes almost a challenge as she adds, “Turn that truthful gaze inward and tell me if I’m wrong?”

Dark eyes look at Varanis sharply for a while, before they are averted “I do not need to do that. You are not wrong.” Answer sounds resigned.

She grasps his shoulder and gives it a squeeze. “I wish I could help.”

He shrugs. “Another Dragon to tame, I guess.” He says that with quiet defiance. No one else but Varanis would probably notice the slight quiver in his voice.

She places a hand on his cheek, unconsciously mirroring Neela’s parting gesture. “You will make it through this. And you don’t have to do it alone. You have kin who love you, Xeno. You’re more of a brother to me than the sons my mother bore. I may not be able to shoulder the burden for you, but sharing it might give you more space to breathe.”2Varanis For the record – almost, but not quite a special on love family.

Scribe looks somewhere in the distance ” I just… that storm rattled me… She said she feared I’d end in early grave following you… I glimpsed a fate with no grave. No rest.”

She lets her hand fall. “And you escaped it. But if you hadn’t? I’d have found a way to set you free. I swear this to you, Xenofos. If something happens that will keep you from true rest when your time comes, I will do everything I can to make it right.” She searches his face, looking for something.

He looks back at Vingan his eyes dark holes in the dusk. “That … thing scared me to the bone. I hear echoes of it in the wind and in my nightmares.” He sounds composed, but something in his voice sounds fragile, like a thin shell over raw horror.

“You’re safe now. As much as any of us are. Ummm… I’ve just thought of something and I’m not sure if if now is the right time to ask. Or even how to ask.” She looks worried, maybe even a little shaken.

“I know it is gone. We are not likely to see that thing again. I just need to turn my back on that fear.” He is donning his helmet. “I am not likely to doze off at the watch now…”

For a moment, it looks like she might try to stop him. But she shakes her head and the moment passes. “I’ll make sure that someone replaces you when the watch passes.”

He picks up his shield and javelins and nods to Varanis before walking to watchpost.

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    Varanis passes insight. X seems to be lacking spirit. Down.
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    Varanis For the record – almost, but not quite a special on love family.