Of Varanis

Mellia — Of Varanis

????, Storm Season, Harmony Week


Storm Season, Harmony Week [[[s02:session-25|Session 25]]]



Diary/LogAt the end of the first day of travel with the group, after Venlar has talked to Varanis, he comes to invite Mellia to take a short walk with him, out of earshot of others.

Mellia would happily go for a walk with Venlar.

There is a lot of kissing before he manages to remember what he is doing. “Right. Yes. Politics. First, I think it’s unlikely anyone will seriously be trying to put Varanis on the throne, for a variety of reasons. I can explain them if you like.”

“Please do, you should have heard some of what was said last time.”

“By whom? I think you over-estimate how powerful people think Varanis is.”

“The chief priest of Lhankhor Mhy and I agree I may be mistaken. Varanis is of the blood of Sartar, even though she is Esrolian.”

Venlar nods. “She is, and that is important, but she is not popular enough, which means, for the most part, she could not be used to step in where Kallyr is. Any of the Tribes that support Kallyr would not support her – she would make sure of that herself. So on her own, she is no great pull. And then, others might also dislike her, for her Colymar roots there. Instantly the Locaem would be against whoever did it. To be a Prince is more than just to sit on a throne. There is only one force that might do it, and that is a terrible thing – the Lunars might, if she was promoted, and they decided they could. But the Tribes? They’ll not agree on someone young and untried.”

“That is a comfort,” Mellia says. “Hopefully all sides will leave Varanis in peace.”

“I don’t know whom the Tribes should choose. I don’t think either Kallyr or Leika is best for Sartar. I admit I am still mad at Kallyr.”

“Kallyr is divisive,” he says. “I was ten when her rebellion failed. I still remember the days after.”

“Wise leaders are inclusive. Who are the other candidates for the throne?”

“Nobody, really. The Lunars spilled every drop of Sartar’s blood they could. Varanis has family, and I suppose they might be, but… without Kallyr, someone else has to be Sartar all over again – just as great, but without his name.”

Mellia looks thoughtful. “We are all too likely to return to a civil war. Leika’s unseemly haste makes that very likely.”

“It’s entirely possible, yes. So Varanis is needed, but thankfully her secret is still mostly secret. She trusted me with it earlier, and I intend to live up to that.” Venlar watches Mellia being thoughtful, and then pulls himself together.

Mellia sighs. “If you hadn’t promised your father, I would love to wed you at the Paps.”

“I know. But we need peace, and that would cause trouble. Still, waiting will sharpen love. And you might come back with a child waiting to be born. That’s a hope.” As every he looks somewhere between eager and terrified about that thought.

Mellia hugs Venlar. “We might still get Kallyr to put on the wedding. If we have a child, we will manage.”

“If we have a child, we’ll have a whole clan to help. But there was another thing I had meant to mention. Again, about Varanis.” He folds her into a hug that is already familiar, big and tall and strong.

Mellia hugs him back. “What about Varanis?”

“Just that talking about it in public should be her decision. You warned her immediately on seeing her – but we could not know everyone around her was her friend. It was busy. There were so many people.” He is happy over that, a naturally gregarious man. “And it is wonderful to see them.”

“It’s wonderful to see them,” Mellia replies. “Should I apologize to Varanis? I worry about her and she really does not want the throne.”

“No, but I think you should let her know that you know not to. Compassion and care are expected of Chalana Arroy.”

Mellia says, “I will look for her later.”

Venlar nods, fractionally. “I should go try to deal with my hair, and I have a letter to write. Should I oil it, or do you think I’d just pick up all the dust in Prax?”

“I don’t think you should oil the letter. Give your parents my love.”

“Definitely not oil the letter. But I won’t be combing it either. I’ll definitely have to wax it closed.” He runs his thumb over her cheek. “Right. I need to go work then. Remind me to move.”

Mellia kisses Venlar’s thumb. “Move,” she says with a smile.

After a brief growling sound he straightens his shoulders and goes off boldly to wrestle with ink.