Venlar And Berra Talk

Berra — Venlar And Berra 05

1627, Sea Season, Illusion Week


Sea Season, Illusion Week? I lost track a bit.. [[[s02:session-39|Session 39]]]


“Hail, Lord Venlar.”

“Oh, hello. Can I help you?”

“Mmmmm, maybe? I hadn’t thought that far ahead.”

“You surprise me. Yet you are here.”

“Yes. I wanted to talk about Mellia.”

“I could talk about her all day!”

“But could you listen about her?”

“Is she in trouble?”

“No. But sometimes she is. Pretty often, in fact.”

“I admit to not understanding what you say.”

“I’m saying she’s often out on the front lines, and you need to understand that.”

“Ah, indeed. I believe I have it in my mind.”

“Because she likes having the cook and the bodyguards and getting a chair put out for her, but she’s not always going to be with you.”

“Of course. And when she is not, I will miss her, but she is Mellia. I am not marrying her to keep her at home.”

“Oh. Good. Um, that was it really.”

“Sometimes, the solution is easy.”

“Yeah. Well, later.”

Berra tells Venlar that he will not always be there to look after Mellia. He knows