Those Were The Days

Berra — Those Were The Days

????, Earth Season, Harmony Week


Earth Season, Harmony Week, Freezeday Evening/Waterday Dusk. [[[s02:session-3|Session 3]]]

On the first evening in Whitewall, after paying her respects at the Temple of Humakt, but before sleeping, Berra goes down into the town, zooming off towards the gate at a dead run.

Mellia tries to catch up. “Berra, wait! What is wrong?”

Berra flails a little to slow down, and then comes back far enough to talk to Mellia. “Wrong? Why would anything be wrong?”

“If you’re running like this, something’s probably wrong. What is it?”

Berra blinks. “No, that’s how I run. Do you think my form is off?” She looks genuinely confused. “I mean, I’m not an athlete, but I’m pretty good at it.”

“Your form is fine,” says Mellia. “I’m just wondering why you are running so fast.”

Berra seems to consider that sprinting in her full armour is entirely normal. “Um, because I wanted to get to the gate fast? I’m bored.”

“Oh. I thought that something seriously wrong was about to occur, like an undead invasion.”

“Oh, right. No. I was going to go to where I met D’Val and see if the place was still standing, and still sold beer.” Berra grins. “And maybe run back up here.”

Mellia smiles. “Do you want company?”

“I can walk,” Berra says, smile widening. “I was not sure if you were going to want to stay with Venlar.” She bounces on her toes a little, and then settles.

“I do, but you’re my friend. I could go get Venlar, but I think he should stay with Yamia.”

Berra looks briefly worried. “I think so too. He’s very gentle with her. I was finding it best not to talk, but he knows what to say.”

“He should,” Mellia says, “he’s her brother. Do you think it’s worth asking the local High Sword to look at Yamia?”

“Probably. I’ll be sleeping there tonight. She has the right to too, if you think it will help. I… I suppose I might be well known here. Lord Eril organised the Heroquest, but I did it.” Berra’s lips curl, just very slightly, at the memory. “I didn’t really get a good look at him when Koraki took off his glove. What was his expression like?”

The smile is mostly in the Humakti’s eyes.

Mellia blushes. “I honestly don’t remember. I was just glad we succeeded.”

“I was pretty solidly into being Humakt, by then. But I’d love to have known.” Berra shrugs it off and looks around, running forgotten. “Do the fyrdsmen you healed know you are here?” She turns to walk towards the gate.

For Varanis :The pair are just starting to move off towards the gate after, or during, their conversation.

Varanis approaches. “Is everything ok?”

Berra groans faintly. “I was just trying to get a sprint in, and from the mules to the gate was the right distance,” she says, eyes closed in a pained look.

The Vingan laughs.

Show the reminiscing…

The inn itself, if it can be glorified with that name, is the best in town. This makes it a little better than when Mellia and Berra first visited. There are oil lamps, and real tables, and straw spread on the floor. But, better than any of those things is the tray of roasting herbs above one of the lamps, making the air here smell far better than outside.1Reputation rolls; Mellia gets a special and Berra passes. Varanis, without the local connection, fails.

“Well, well,” says the man on a stool by the row of amphoras. “There’s a face!” He stands up to bow to Mellia, and give Berra a nod. Varanis gets only a summing-up look. “Welcome, Healer. And Humakti.”

A buzz of conversation begins, as people explain to each other who the two famous people here are.

And so begins a night on the town

There is a bit of lunacy, wherein [ Yamia goes missing and is retrieved]. Everyone gets a bit more sleep.

Berra wakes with a hangover

  • 1
    Reputation rolls; Mellia gets a special and Berra passes. Varanis, without the local connection, fails.
  • 2
    Passed by Varanis.
  • 3
    Special success.
  • 4
    Having fumbled Air…
  • 5
    Varanis passes Scan.
  • 6
    Varanis fumbled Move Quietly.
  • 7
    Passed both Scan and Broadsword.