Consulting an Accountant

Mellia — Peace 6



Season/Week/Day/Time and Notable Context. [[[s01:session-XXX|Session XXX]]]

Right after Counting Costs, just as the party is about to set out from overnight camp to Clearwine Fort.


So Irillo is findable with his mules. Sid is nearby doing mule maintenance

Mellia wanders over. Her eyes look a little red and her cheeks are slightly puffy. “Irillo? Is now a good time to talk? We can continue talking on the road if you want.”

“Now is fine. What’s bothering you, cousin?”

“I tried to solve Varanis’ and Nala’s problems by mediation and only made things worse,” Mellia laments. “I’m hoping you can teach me how to do better.”

He ponders, “Time. Patience. And making both sides feel they’ve won. “

“I think they both feel like they lost,” Mellia says.

There’s a long pause as he walks, “it clearly matters greatly to both then. Do you mind if I ask what was said?”

“Not at all,” Mellia replies. “Things started off well. Varanis apologized for getting Tiwr drunk. The two of them discussed Tiwr’s drinking problem for a bit. Then Nala wanted to discuss the problem lurking beneath Varanis grabbing that box. Things went straight to the Underworld at that point.”

“Mmmm. Why do you think that was?”

“It might be the fault of that box,” Mellia says after a little thought. “Varanis zeroed in on the box and got boiling mad. Nala even gave Varanis a way out and a way to investigate the box and Varanis didn’t take it. I’m sure I only made matters worse by suddenly realizing that Nala does treat Varanis as a child and why and opening my big mouth.”

“And what’s that?”

“Varanis doesn’t have the skills a child of Nala’s people would have. Nala also feels Varanis feels entitled to anything she wants.”

“Well, Varanis is an aristocrat. She manages the wilds by knowing who to ask to do it. That’s how leadership works.” He gives a faint smile, “I don’t fight. I hire people who do. I don’t heal, but when I need it I know who and how. For me money is part of that exchange. A way of acknowledging “I value what you do.”. Perhaps Varanis needs to remember that. To thank her people. And Nala needs to relax and remember how helpless she was in the City.”

Mellia nods. “I did point out to Nala that I don’t have her survival skills. She said that’s different, I knowingly put myself in harm’s way.”

“As does Varanis.”

“I knew I should have gotten you… Nala doesn’t see it that way.”

“Of course not. She is a Praxian. They have a very direct world view.”

Mellia nods. “I know next to nothing about Prax, or the people who live there. All I know is they are both very proud, very stubborn and Nala’s also jealous of Tiwr.”

“Then you know most of what I do. Proud. Stubborn. Violent. “

“If Orlanth and Yelm reconciled, surely Varanis and Nala can.”

“I believe so but time is often the needed ingredient cousin. Now… I have honied dates and sweet wine from home. Would you like some?”

Mellia replies, “I would love some, cousin. Thank you.” With a faint twinkle in her eye, she asks, “What do I owe you for the consultation?”

He considers, “A lotion for sore feet when we get to Clearwine.”

“Done! Thank you for everything, Irillo.”

He chuckles. “Harmony. There is very little that isn’t aided by listening, food and alcohol.”