Scooping Up Coins

Mellia — Peace 4



Season/Week/Day/Time and Notable Context. [[[s01:session-XXX|Session XXX]]]

Right after the failed mediation attempt


“I tried to give her an out and a way to investigate the box. I tried.”

Mellia looks heartbtroken. “I know. How did I fail? Did I push her too hard?”

“I don’t think you failed. It is just pride. Like Tiwr, but with less excuse. However, if she doesn’t body tackle me as I burn it it might be in the clear.

“Part of me has wanted to burn it all along, but the magical part of me is curious to see if she tries to get it back. I’ll take your advice on this one. Getting rid of it is important, but so is knowing if it is anything, if that makes sense? It is clear we are going to Clearwine, and gossip will tell anyone why, so we might have a few days’ grace.”

She adds, reluctantly, “ If no one else steals it and it is being tracked, we might have to face that it was set there for us. We have gone the Whitewall road often enough. I didn’t want to bring this up while Varanis still had it.”

Mellia thinks for a bit. “Let’s wait and see. So far no harm has come of it.”

“All right. I’ll burn it when we leave Clearwine. And I’ll hide it in the midden in the stables to deter people. It’ll be evidence if someone goes in there and tries to get it.

“I’ll set it on fire and throw it into the earth, I think. I’ll need to stay till Clayday, though, because I’ll protect my mind when I burn it, and that will with the chasm exhaust my blessings.”

“I will be spending time in worship as well. I also need to arrange for training. We may be spending more time in Clearwine than everyone else wants.”

Nala smiles ruefully. “I could wish I had finished training and started official apprenticeship before Argrath sent for me.”
“Unless the Queen kicks us out, of course.”

“There is that,” Mellia agrees.

“I am debating not going to see the Queen. I have no reason to. It is Varanis centre stage again and it might avoid me getting angry while she basks. Plus I could go to the earth Temple and talk to my mother.”

“It is entirely up to you, Nala. I may not go either.”

She grins suddenly. “We could tell them we are on a date and watch their jaws hit the floor. I’d have to forewarn Tiwr of course”

Mellia bursts out laughing!