Breakfast at Saiciae’s

Mellia — Breakfast Saiciae

????, Earth Season, Season/Death Week


1626 Earth Season/Death Week/Godsday/early morning, mostly in Mellia’s rooms. [[[s02:session-7|Session 7]]]


Bright and early Godsday morning of Death Week, Xenofos gets a message delivered by a servant. “Lady Mellia wishes to invite you to breakfast, my lord.”

Xenofos will accept the invitation because it is probably easier to get shouted at and be over with it.

The halls are being decorated for the upcoming festival. Green branches, late flowers and fruit are everywhere. Mellia answers the door herself. “Hello, cousin. Please come in.”

“Good morning, cousin.”

Mellia had a table set for two, with some of Xenofos’ favorite things. However, there is no meat. Mellia sits and waits for Xenofos to eat something before saying anything.

Xenofos dunks his bread in wine and has some olives as is customary in the mornings.

Mellia eats more than olives and bread for breakfast. She’s in her healer’s robes. Perhaps it’s going to be a busy day. “Xenofos, did you hear last night’s serenade?”

“What serenade?”

“Oh. It was beautiful and right underneath Varanis’ window,” Mellia explains. “I am wondering who was responsible. Do you know?”

“I had not heard anything of this, your maid woke me up.”

“Well, it happened and no one knows who hired the musicians. There’s also that bard the other night.”

“Yes the bard at the party… I talked with him. He says he was paid by lord Wheel. And he was telling the truth, he did not know the real name of the man who gave him that task.”

“Rumor says it was either you, Lord Hofrai or Dormal, on Grandmother’s orders.”

“I don’t think there is any basis for those rumours. The singer did not know and I talked with him myself.”

Mellia nods. “Just to avert tragedy, I think I shall call on Lord Hofrai. I have the oddest feeling serenades would be better received if the one responsible had the good manners to bring her wine, appetizers and conversation at parties.”

“Where did you hear such rumours?”

Mellia smiles. “I’ve been making inquiries. I’ll make a few more.”

Xenofos looks stern. “Just beware you don’t accidentally add to the gossip. I think Varanis would like to keep this as quiet as possible.”

“No doubt,” Mellia says. “I would like to not see this business end in another death.”


Mellia is solemn. “If you ever find out who’s doing this, please let me know.”

Xenofos gives a noncommital grunt to that.

Mellia smiles, chatters and finishes her breakfast.