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Mellia — Serious Talks In Boldhome

1627, Sea Season


Sea Season in Boldhome after Varanis and Xenofos had been in the palace [[[s02:session-40|Session 40]]]


Mellia finds Xenofos in the White grape inn. He is writing something.
“Hello, Xenofos,” says Mellia. “Will you be finished with that soon? I would like to talk to you in private.”

Xenofos cleans his pen and puts a stopper to the inkpot.
“Sure, what is it?” he gestures towards the pallet where his armour is discarded.

Mellia sits down. “First, don’t ever use more than three drops of poppy essence. The essence is much stronger than the seeds.”

He looks a bit confused before connecting the dots. “The essence, right. I’ll bear that in mind if I acquire replacement.”

“I am glad to hear that it’s an if. How are you doing? Better?”

“That is a good question, cousin.” Scribe strokes his beard and looks thoughtful. “I was feeling like a string of a kithara wound too tight. But the Goddess gave me an answer and right now I feel at ease.”

“That’s an improvement,” Mellia comments. “I am glad that someone is helping you. Which goddess would that be?”

“I have found solace from the house of the exalted lady of the thousand veils, Uleria.” Xenofos says with calm earnesty.

Mellia smiles. “Excellent. I shall have to ask Her how She does it.”

“I am sure the priestesses can explain it better. But short answer is through love.” scribe explains.

Mellia looks thoughtful. “Do I not care enough?”

He shakes his head. “I said priestesses can explain it better. I am still just fumbling towards her light. But even if I can’t see her clearly I can feel her warmth…” Scribe looks to be at loss of words.

Mellia nods. “I will visit the priestesses. I want you to be well and healthy, Xenofos.”

“I appreciate that, dear cousin.” he looks at his notes and shrugs “I am better than I was already.”

Mellia smiles at Xenofos. “I am glad.”

“Uleria can not undo the horror, I think.” scribe says. “But she and hers help me deal with it.”

Mellia nods. “My door is still open, if you want to talk.”

He nods. “Thank you.”

“You are welcome. Shall I let you get back to work?”

“This was not urgent. Just one more chapter to my log. Or story of Varanis. Sometimes I don’t know which it is.” scribe says.

Mellia chuckles. “I hope she finds happiness, one of these days.”

“So do I. And it makes me happy and hopeful to see that you have found yours.”

Mellia smiles at Xenofos.”Thanks. I miss all of you at times. Take care of yourself.”

“May Uleria smile on your marriage.” he smiles.

Mellia nods, smiles and slips away.

Mellia confronts Xenofos on his use of poppy