In The House Of Baths And Love

Mellia — In The House Of Baths And Love

1627, Sea Season


Late Sea Season, After Mellia had talked with Xenofos [[[s02:session-40|Session 40]]]


The magnificent house of Uleria looks inviting in the afternoon sun. Door of Baths, Door of Common meals and Door of Carnal love are all half-open.

Mellia, dressed in her nicest white robe, hesitates. She is not certain which door to choose.

Visage of Uleria smiles invitingly but mysteriously over all three.

Mellia decides to try the Door of Baths. She could use a good bath anyway.

As she enters she is greeted by a harmonious voice “Welcome to the House of Love, White Lady.”

Mellia looks around for the speaker. “Thank you. May I speak with whoever has helped Xenofos Lightbringer? I am his cousin Mellia.”

A lady with reddish hair, green eyes and palest skin Mellia has ever seen eyes her carefully and bows after a longish wait. “Twice welcome Mellia, Lightbringer. Would you wait in the garden when I talk with the priestesses?” She gestures further in.

Mellia bows back. “I would be delighted to see the garden. Thank you.”

“I am Haruza.” She shows mellia into the enclosed courtyard. It is not an Esrolian garden, but still – filled with sweet scent of flowers and pleasantly shaded by small trees.

Mellia sits down on the nearest bench. “It’s wonderful, Haruza.”

She puts her hands together as she bows again, her numerous silver bracelets jingling pleasantly and vanishes. Soon a servant comes carrying a small tray with some cakes and a small pitcher of sweet wine.

Mellia thanks the servant and eats and drinks enough to be polite.

A lady, perhaps in her late thirties, dressed in green linen dress appears. “Greetings Mellia – and be welcome. I am Dorasa.”

Mellia rises and bows. “Thank you, Holy One. I came to thank you and yours for a miracle.”

“We are only here do the work of Our Lady, Mellia, as you White Ladies do work of Chalana Arroy. Any miracles are purely Her grace.” she answers in melodious voice.

Mellia smiles at the priestess. “I wish I knew how you got him talking and healing. “

“Uleria loves all and listens all, but she does not tell what she has heard, Mellia.” she says with a friendly smile.

Mellia sighs. “He may be off poppy and that’s a miracle. Thank you for doing what I could not .”

Priestess tilts her head “Has he been using poppy?”

Mellia replies, “Yes. Usually seeds in wine, but he tried poppy essence, Lady Dorasa.”

She listens quietly. “He did?”

Mellia nods. “He gave me the vial, saying that he didn’t want the dreams it brought.”

She nods. “I can imagine. It will bring sleep, but less rest.”

Mellia nods again. “It’s horribly addictive. Few who misuse the essence ever give it up.”

“And he gave the vial to you?” Dorasa notes quietly.

Mellia says, “Yes. I didn’t even know he had it.”

She nods with that quiet smile. “It was well you told me these things Mellia. Was there something else on your mind?”

“I want to thank you, but I don’t know how. I have a little money…”

“Uleria hears your thanks. Keep your money and use it for work of Chalana Arroy.” she looks at her with deep brown eyes “Is there something you wish for yourself from our Lady?”

Mellia timidly says, “Perhaps the Lady’s blessings on my marriage?”

She smiles warmly. “Of course. If stories are anything to judge by this marriage is most pleasing to Uleria.” She makes makes the sign of Uleria’s runes before her gives the benediction ” May Uleria let her face shine on you, Venlar and your marriage and may these all be blessed by the Great Mistress.”

Mellia blushes, then bows deeply. “Thank you, Lady and my thanks to the Lady of Love.”

She raises up. “Haruza will show you to the baths so that you may rest a bit and cleanse some of that blood and pain that healer must deal with.”

“Thank you, Lady Dorasa.” Mellia will follow Haruza to the baths.

Baths are more then adequate even by Saiciae standards. Service is comprehensive and result in clean Mellia soaking relaxed in a tub of scented, warm water.

Mellia is clean, she is happy. Well scrubbed, relaxed, hair done.


Mellia does the House of Uleria