Counting costs

Mellia — Peace 5



Season/Week/Day/Time and Notable Context. [[[s01:session-XXX|Session XXX]]]

Immediately after the failed mediation attempt and talking to Nala for a bit.

Mellia is sitting on the ground just outside camp after the mediation attempt. Tears glisten on her cheeks.

Lightbringers, help me to set things properly. Help me to set things right.

I wanted those two to find healing in forgiveness, like Orlanth and Yelm. Forgiveness can heal the world. Instead, Varanis is angry with me too.

I think the heart of the matter is that Varanis feels she is being treated like a child, yet she isn’t always a responsible adult. White Lady, how can I heal this? Orlanth, help me see. You weren’t born a mighty hero. Help me see how to help Varanis grow and heal.

I feel horrible.

If I hadn’t promised to heal the Blue Tree clan, I would go back on the road. Maybe home to Nochet. More likely, wherever the White Lady leads me.

Yet that seems to be right here.

Maybe I should bribe a bard to follow us and sing the Lay of the Lightbringers.