Deeper Underground

Session 3.11

1628, Fire Season, Fertility Week (ish)

Dramatis Personae






Sometime ago, Rajar woke up at the Stormbull Temple overlooking Boldhome. All the omens suggested that the ritual of the previous night(s) was fruitful, at least if the Praxian’s headache was any measure of success. He was handed a note and so he began his quest by climbing down to the city to find his way to the Temple of Lhankor Mhy. Although the Sage he found was initially reluctant to help Rajar, eventually the big man learned that his companions had headed for Jonstown and invited him to meet them there.

He set out, searching for evidence of fire or violence, but made his way to Jonstown without disruption. He managed to find word at the city gates that the party had moved on, this time heading to Alda Chur. Doggedly, Rajar kept on. Once again, there was no evidence of fire or destruction, but he did encounter a patrol of White Llama riders. They tried to point him in the direction of Argrath’s army, but given the army was in the wrong direction and Rajar doesn’t have much inclination toward Truth, he informed them that he was on a mission for the Khan and they allowed him to pass.

At Alda Chur, he approached the High Sword of Humakt to ask about Berra. Rajar was able to confirm they’d been present but had moved on again. He was also reassured that there was no possible way that the King of Alda Chur had slipped out of the city with them. None at all.
Rajar decided to keep going, heading in what he was sure was the right direction, despite the lack of destruction. He came across the corpse of a scorpion-man and a short distance further, the path to Snakepipe Hollow. Rajar being Rajar, he rode Calamity some distance down the path. He challenged Chaos to come fight him, but alas! None did. He returned to his route and continued along, nearly missing the turn off to the Dwarf Mine. A stony arm emerged from the wall near him and with a shrug, Rajar went where the disembodied appendage directed. Thus it was that he arrived once again the Dwarf Mine.

Within the depths of the Mine, the others had gathered for a breakfast that was packed with nutrition, leaving no room for flavour. T’Dwarf joined them as they finished their meal and asked if they would be available for a short mission. Berra volunteered and the others followed suit. When Rajar was escorted to the room, they were in the early stages of discussing what was needed.

One of T’Dwarf’s people (machines, golems, clones, what now?) had gone into the mines and not returned. It was also no longer communicating with them. T’Dwarf needed someone to find and possibly fetch it. He couldn’t send one of his own for fear that whatever had infected the Dwarf-thing might spread to others. Berra asked if they should try to bring it back alive or kill it and was informed that if it was capable of communicating and choosing not to, they should terminate it.

T’Dwarf had strangely detailed sketches (blueprints!) of the relevant section of the mine. Xenofos found these intriguing and caught on to the idea of them immediately. When at last they were ready to collect what gear they needed, some members of the party got into a complicated theological conversation about the seasonality and ritual nature of time.(A quarter of an hour. What type of hour?)

T’Dwarf himself escorted them to a small room and sealed himself inside with them. Eerily the room seemed to move and when the doors opened again, the corridor in front of them was different. This was the place that corresponded to the drawings Xenofos had so admired. T’Dwarf remained at the room, while everyone else began to move cautiously down the corridor.

The space was lit by some sort of magical lights which began to flicker the further they got from T’Dwarf. (Perhaps the king’s presence made the light stronger?) At one intersection, Suuraki noticed the footprints of a trollkin, though Rajar insisted it was a walkatpus. As they debated and the others failed to notice anything else, Berra and Valseena were struck by an unseen enemy.

And now I’m stuck. Can’t remember what happened except that …

The Eirithan became frozen in place (or collapsed?), immobilised and nearly drained by the ferocity of the attack. Varanis tried to shield her with Orlanth Rex’s power, but the defenses she placed were flimsy. Suuraki too tried added magic to protect his beloved. The spirit blasted through them both, making Valseena’s situation most dire.
Somewhere in here, the spirit entered Valseena and talked through her, I think. Berra got a bit better? Or wasn’t hurt as badly in the first place. Rajar sensed Chaos and worked out that Valseena seemed to be Chaotic at the moment. Varanis wanted to protect Valseena from Rajar, but Xenofos and Suuraki were already there. Suuraki called on the Spirit of Law and it leapt into Valseena and presumably there was some kind of battle that ultimately led to the Chaos being driven out. They retreated back to T’Dwarf to regroup.

“Did the conduck have a conning tower?” – Xenofos

“I did not know they piled shit that high…” – Xenofos

“Am I in MY Temple?” – Rajar
“Yes.” – GM
“That’s fortunate!” – Rajar

“They didn’t even charge you. Charging the hung over storm bull can result in the hung over storm bull charging.” – GM

“What happened to that cat?” – Berra, of a tailless cat
“Ah, therein lies a tale.” – Also Berra
“No it doesn’t.” – Berra again

“Where are you headed for?” – GM
“Look at Jonstown. Is anything obviously on fire?” – Rajar

“I’ll head to the temple and ask them if they know where the short feisty one without feathers is. With only one feather is.” – Rajar
“Oh, Berra?” – Humakti

“We must have been kidnapped.” – Berra
“No death, no destruction.” – Berra
“well behaved? mudwrestling, walking through town seminaked…” – Xenofos

“Is the short violent one here?” – Rajar
“Can you be more specific?” – Humakti

“Aah, yes. The initiate. I believe there are some guards who might be able to answer. I’ll have them sent to you.” – Gallem, God-Talker of Humakt
“Excellent. Thank you, old boy.” – Rajar

“The small mouthy Humakti?” – Orlanthi
“With a feather, yeah.” – Rajar
“No feather.” – Orlanthi
“MM. Maybe she was hiding it.” – Rajar
“Let me make this clear. She left with someone who absolutely definitely wasn’t the King. We wouldn’t have let the King outside the city.” – Orlanthi

“So this person they didn’t go with… which direction did they… didn’t they go?” – Rajar

“Stand up in my stirrups, and we’ll for a moment gloss over that debate…” – Rajar

“Sit there for a minute. Then turn and ride back down the path. I challenged them, they didn’t come.” – Rajar at Snakepipe Hollow

“Putting two and two together is not Storm Bull.” – Berra

“A lack of imagination is useful in heavy cavalry. Witness the Scots Greys.” – Rajar

“Berra seems to be enjoying the food.” – Berra

“It’s utilitarian. This is necessary food.” – GM
“Oh, I thought you meant it made as many people as possible as happy as possible.” – Suuraki

“WE VOLUN… we do volunteer don’t we?” – Berra

“A component has stopped answering to its calls.” – T’Dwarf
“He means a dwarf has gone missing, Rajar.” – Berra
“Rajar stops looking puzzled.” – Rajar

“Probably it’s just me being cautious. Careful.” – T’Dwarf
“2000 years old.” – Berra
“Someat like that.” – T’Dwarf
“Or it could be acid-spitting tentacled things.” – Rajar
“If we’re lucky.” – Berra

“How many minutes?” – T’Dwarf
“What’s a minute?” – Xenofos
“One sixtieth part of an hour.” – T’Dwarf
“A Fire Season hour or a Dark Season hour, and daytime or night-time?” – Xenofos
“A GOD-TIME HOUR.” – T’Dwarf

“It’s sufficiently advanced magic.” – T’Dwarf

“Gold doesn’t corrode.” – T’Dwarf
“That’s one of its Yelmic properties, I’m told.” – Varanis
coughs – “Something of the sort.” – T’Dwarf

“You said there was a wooden panel. I assume that used to be someone he didn’t like.” – Suuraki

“I like you.” – Berra
“Is that necessary.” – T’Dwarf
“No, and it’s a weakness in me. I’m sorry.” – Berra
nods – T’Dwarf
“She talks a lot.” – Rajar

“I’ve got a question. Do you want it stopped? Or do you want it brought back? And how can we tell if it’s got a dwarf disease? Alright, that was three questions.” – Berra
“Well, you did have a question. Having A question does not preclude having other questions.” – T’Dwarf

“Dagger-axes have a spike at the back, don’t they?” – Berra
“… when you fumble ride, hit yourself with the butt in the chest and polevault from your llama.” – Xenofos
“That should probably be an option not a requirement.” – Xenofos

“I call not being the tunnel rat.” – Suuraki
“I am here for you.” – Berra

“Ernalda went pearshaped…” – Xenofos

“As Xenofos gets all cautious and planning, Varanis begins to eyeball the corridor. ||Anxious to get moving.||” – Varanis

“Y’d either not manage to work the chamber, or gods alone know where you’d get to.” – T’Dwarf
“That sounds really exciting! But we appreciate you staying.” – Berra

“Further insight: ||Varanis doesn’t like the lack of Air.||” – Varanis

“Berra is imprinting on the Dwarf.” – Berra

“We asked the dwarf about it, he said ‘mine’.” – Berra

“Marching order?” – Varanis
“1A.” – Berra

“I’d like to be in front. Maybe I need to read the map though?” – Xenofos

“WAHA! Special on tracking.” – Suuraki
“Fumble on tracking!” – Rajar

“Xenofos, Berra looks furious.” – Berra
“The nose!” – Berra