I Fort The Lore

G01 — Session 7


Season, Week, Day

Dramatis Personae

Uhnta the Shadowcat

Troll trio


Finally rejoined by Arim, the heroes spent the evening feasting with Herengvot and taking stock of the situation. Despite the abundant wine, the atmosphere in the fort was tense. Jorrim recalled that Engered’s father, Harvast Ironfist, became king after the death of Harnost the Good, who had been of Herengvot’s tribe. He was unsure how the kingship passed from the Princeros to the Vantaros tribe. The Princeros used to be leaders of the tribal ring, but lost that influence. Jorrim resolved to find out why.

Serala observed that the fort’s catapults, ballistas and other offensive capabilities were arrayed against the Lunars, who were camped outside the fort. No Lunars were present inside the fort, only lots of professional fighters, and none of them were drinking to excess. There was a sense of readiness.

Jorrim found someone willing to talk about what happened to Harnost, who had been Herengvot’s son and well-loved around Alda-Chur. Herengvot arranged a marriage alliance for his son with the Jonstown tribal ring that would have been the making of the North, but before the marriage the wedding train to Jonstown was ambushed by the Four Star Band who killed everyone, stole the money, tribal regalia and other precious things and took them to foment revolt. The Four Star Band was led by Kallyr, who had killed Harnost herself.

Harnost had been a good man, but Harmast Iron-fist was not. He had a thousand spears and the Lunar armies at his back and named himself king and the tribal ring went along with it. Those who opposed him had ‘accidents’.

While the group were sharing what they had learned in private, they were summoned to a private audience with Herengvot. Their host had told them what he needed for an alliance with Sartar, now he told them what would delight him. One of the treasures taken when his son was killed had been a glass wand with the power to repair the walls of former Dragonnewt fortresses like Alda-Chur and the one they stood in. Hints and rumours suggested the wand had been traded to a certain troll in Crabtown, in Dagori Inkath. The wand was part of the Princeros’s tribal regalia, and if returned, Herengvot would support Sartar’s cause with no further requirements.

The following day the group left with the intention of heading to Ironspike and up to Skyfall Lake to find this rumoured troll trader. On the way, they noted that the Lunar encampment were sending a supply train back towards Alda Chur. Either they were going to break camp, or Alda Chur was in desperate need of supplies.

The countryside on the way to Ironspike was foraged bare, but the Lady’s Wood remained untouched. Jorrim spotted a badger watching them in an unnatural way, and waved to it. It stood up for a moment and then vanished into the wood. The band met up once again with Garath, and they returned to Ironspike together. Jeepol, the Headman, on hearing the news about Alda-Chur and Herengvot’s missing wand, offered to put together a caravan to Crabtown, as he was overdue a trading trip there. He was willing to introduce Finarvi as a new merchant looking to start a new trade mission but wanted no part in any deception. In return for his help, Finarvi committed to trading at Ironspike twice a year.

They travelled to Crabtown, where they were greeted by two huge Great Trolls and a merely tall troll in a hat.

“I’d prepared something from Finarvi’s point of view, because I was assuming Finarvi would have a good idea.” – GM

“A humakti is never lost, nor is he misplaced. He arrives precisely where he intended.” – Arim

“I’m going to ask some sensitive questions later. It might cause offense. I’m going to be as polite and discreet as I can of course. So if I get into a fight that’s why.” – Jorrim

‘Where exactly is this wand?’ – Jorrim
‘Rumours are inexact.’ – Herengvot
‘How inexact?’ – Jorrim
“White-eye the Troll, trader, 120 Trader Street, Crabtown, Skyfall Lake. You understand it is a vague rumour.” – Herengvot

“Trade, burn the entire town down, I care not! Burning down Crabtown would be tricky as it rains a lot there. Not that I haven’t tried.” – Herengvot

“Very few Zorak Zorani there. Too wet. All the zombies rot and the fires go out.” – Jeepol

“Hey Lou, why don’t you drink the water? Gods fuck in it.” – Jorrim

“You summarise so well.” – Serala
“I bullshit well.” – Jorrim
“That’s what I said, isn’t it?” – Serala
“Have you traded with trolls before?” – Jeepol
actions – Arim
“That’s not trading.” – Jeepol

“Know how to make a good troll.” – Arim.
“We’re not talking about your sword right now. Apologies, one of us is talking about your sword.” – Jorrim.

“Mustard cured ham is good all the time.” – Ivalla

“I don’t think Finarvi would mustard-cure his snake.” – Serala
“You never know. New experiences.” – Finarvi

“As long as people believe in him, he glows.” – GM, re: LSK

“Why does nobody believe my innocent face?” – Finarvi.
“You have resting Liar Face.” – GM