Letter to Blue Tree Tula 1

Mellia — Bttl1

????, Earth Season, Season/Disorder Week


1626 Earth Season/Disorder Week/Fireday/sometime in the morning, written by someone somewhere in Boldhome for Mellia. [[[s02:session-1|Session 1]]]


To the Clan Ring of Blue Tree Tula, respectful greetings from Mellia.

As you may know, Prince Kallyr Starbrow and the Flame of Sartar have been restored to us through the Lightbringers’ Quest. I was one of the questers. I have been advised to spend time in a warm climate to recover and have taken the opportunity to visit my other kin in Nochet.

What you do not know is that I love Venlar Silorsson Sambari and he loves me. Venlar is the second son of Clan Chief Silor Cracks-Rock of the Cinder Fox Clan, Sambari Tribe. I suspect Venlar has hides and thralls. His father sits on the Tribal Ring. Venlar is one of triplets. His younger brother and sister, Hengharl and Yamia, are unmarried. He has an older brother and sister, Jengharl and Habela, both of whom may have wed by now. You may have met Jengharl. He fought at Dangerford. Yamia is deeply touched in mind by Death, to the point where the Green Fish might find her strange.

I, on the other hand, am my mother’s third daughter. My grandmother was head of Clan Saiciae in Nochet. My mother sits on the Clan Council.

I will be taking the opportunity to open marriage negotiations while I am in Nochet. Therefore, I beg you to send a skilled negotiator to represent the Clan during those negotiations. The negotiator will need the support of a lawgiver and both will need an armed escort. Enclosed is enough money for travel expenses.

I feel Prince Kallyr will agree to preside over the wedding, so there are some things we need not worry about.

My apologetic greetings to you all, especially Sosa.