My Makeup May Be Flaking

Xenofos — My Makeup May Be Flaking

????, Storm Season, Season/Harmony Week


Storm Season/Harmony Week/ While Varanis an Venlar were talking politics. [[[s02:session-25|Session 25]]]


On the road to Paps, after meeting the other caravan and while Varanis and Venlar were talking politics Xenofos came over to talk with Mellia.
“Hello cousin. Venlar says you two did not elope” scholar greets the healer.

“Venlar promised his father that we would not elope. Otherwise I would get married at the Paps.” She answers “I am glad to see you, Cousin.”

He smiles, a bit tiredly. “Well if Venlar promised. I would not mind seeing it happening, but I guess you will not turn his head. Not that you could not.”

Mellia smiles. “I won’t ask Venlar to break faith with his father. I am losing my patience with the negotiations.”

“I did not think you would, cousin.” Scholar looks a bit lost. “Those talks are women’s domain, but what is taking so long?”

“I wish I knew,” says Mellia.

He accepts that with a silent nod. These are, after all, matters wise women decide.
“With the negotiations ongoing, I trust a letter given to you would have good chance of reaching the clan in reasonable time?”

“Our clan? I am not sure. I am going to the Paps and back to Sartar afterwards. You might be better off sending a letter with a caravan going to Esrolia.”

“We have same route… I was thinking after that. Well you are clan too… If I am gone and lady of Bison tribe seeks for aid and presents my armring of Saiciae snake I would her have it.” his voice is quiet.

“Did you get married without me?!?!?!”

“Married? … No.” Xenofos looks a bit confused “I could only marry other member of Lhankor My, that is a cult geas.”

Mellia says, “I will be glad to help this Bison Rider friend of yours.”

“Thank you. I… hope she does not need to seek that aid. And hope she finds me if she needs aid. But with how uncertain things are I don’t know where I am two seasons from now. Hardly dare guess where we will be in two weeks.””

Mellia nods. “I think Sartar is not far from civil war.”

He shrugs. “Could be…”

“Let us hope not. Have you been in Prax all this time?”

“Yes. With the Straw weavers most of the time. Rajar’s clan of Bison tribe.”

“What was it like?”

There is a flicker of emotions on Xenofos’ face, it goes from pretty happy to disturbed than to reserved. 1 Mellia passes insight human

“Pretty peaceful , almost domestic – for the most part. A bit rough at times though…” he says.

“Rough how?”

“I would rather not talk about it. I do feel a bit rattled by it still.” He says seriously.

“When you feel like talking about it, I will be here.”

“Would you have something that makes me sleep? With no dreams?”

Mellia gets her medical kit and digs through it. “Okay, take this.” Mellia hands Xenofos a vial. “No more than three drops at bedtime.”

“Thank you. What is it?” Scholar asks.

“It’s a mixture of herbs, somewhat safer than poppy. It is not meant to be a way of life.”

“I see. Truth be told I am not concerned with long term effects.” He shrugs. “But I need to sleep.”

Mellia nods. “Perhaps the priestesses of Ernalda can help you.”

He shakes his head. “We talked of this before.”

“There must be something we can do.”

“You have already done something. Thank you.” he sounds polite, perhaps a bit formal.

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    Mellia passes insight human