Try Meditation Again

Berra — Try Meditation Again

????, Fire Season


Early Fire Season. Berra flashes back to the (slightly out of time) events under the Green Fish Tula [[[s01:session-32|Session 32]]]


Do you know what happened to the bread barrels?
Why don’t more people walk around with Rune Magic on them all the time?
Do my questions still bother you?

1) What bread barrels?
2) It’ss an invitation to a fight… and it tempss dithpelss. And it draws attention. And it’ss impolite to the Godth, perhapss.
3) They’re good for my meditation. On which ssubject….

“Is it too late to join the Whitewall Temple instead?”

1) Never too late. But the fighting will be up here.

“I thought asking about the Alda Chur Temple might be in bad taste.”

1) They are good Humakti. Now, about Meditation….

“I need to learn Fireblade. Well, I need to learn many things. But I want to learn Fireblade. We don’t have time for that, do we?” Berra scuffs her feet while looking at the spot on the floor she is not using for meditation.

D’Val waves a hand.

1) Dependth how quickly the Lunarth deploy. And the Printh.

“Um. I already hate meditation anyhow. Can we try to make it useful?” Berra beat-pauses. “I mean, beyond how it must be already.”

(( 7 attempts at meditation later, Berra succeeds. ))

(( …fumbles next Meditation roll… ))

Don’t want to be inside. Need to learn. Mustn’t let him down. Or the Temple. Or me.

Damnit. My toes have got prickles and I hate sitting still and I know I hate sitting still and my skin’s getting all hot. I knew it when I asked and why did I ask and why did he say yes does he hate me really? Do I hate me and I just haven’t realised? No but right now I really don’t like anything or anyone and I don’t want to be sitting still and if I don’t move I’m going to panic soon.

Be the sword, he says, like that’s easy… Close eyes… no, back in the Krarshtmouth. Open eyes.

Um, how long have I been talking out loud?