Lucky Strikes

Mellia — Lucky Strikes



Season/Week/Day/Time and Notable Context. [[[s01:session-32|Session 32]]]

Right after the battles, healing everyone and talking to Berra.


Mellia goes looking for Xenofos a little bit after all the fighting is over and Rajar is all healed. “Xenofos? Has anyone seen Xenofos? Does anyone need healing?”

Xenofos seems to be taking notes and making small sketch of the carved insecty thing.

Mellia patiently waits until Xenofos finishes his sketch of the carved insect-thing. “Xenofos? Are you well? Would you like to talk?”

“Hello cousin. Yea I am unhurt. A bit shaky now that tension is unwinding but otherwise fresh as a daisy.”

Mellia nods. “Would you like to talk a bit?”

“Sure, what is on your mind?”

“I was wondering about that head.” Mellia makes a face. “The one you stomped. I think we were all very lucky you were with us.”

“Oh, that. It may have been a ghost bound into severed head by foul rites of Thanatar. At least the ritual of freeing it seemed to work. .. If it was not simply the stomping.” Grim smile and glance at his feet with a grimace.

“I’m glad we’ll never know for certain. I imagine you’d like your boots cleaned.”

“I may need to use that creek for the worst bits”

Mellia agrees, “That’s probably a good idea.”

” Any greater injuries? I did not see any but things were a tad hectic for a bit.”

“We were fortunate,” Mellia answers. “No one’s dead, missing limbs, infected with diseases or Chaos. Rajar got pretty badly injured in general, but he was all by himself.”

” Judging from the sound of his bellowing him being alone might have been the safest option for the group as a whole but that sounds rather jaded.”

“He couldn’t fit through that last carved tunnel,” Mellia points out. “I wish we’d been able to help him with whatever that was he killed, but I always get nervous when the holy rage comes over him.”

” I definitely don’t wish to be between his axe and his enemies though I’d happily have him on my side in a scrap.”

“Rajar is amazing. “

“Indeed. Well I guess we were lucky again. I think I climb topside again to see how some fresh air and water from the stream would feel”

Mellia smiles. “That’s a good idea. If you want to talk, or just want a hug, come find me.”