Water With Xenofos

Berra — Water With Xenofos



After the fight in the underground temple, Berra checks on Xenofos, who was obviously scared in the caverns. [[[s01:session-32|Session 32]]]


The fight is over. Berra has been wandering around a little, maybe looking for more to fight, but as the spell to find foes wears off, she relaxes, and makes her way towards Xenofos, asking a couple of people where he is – the fyrd are starting to come down to marvel at the remains of the monsters and the Dragonsnail that Rajar killed.

Xenofos has been taking notes in the temple and surroundings.

Berra approaches with a water bottle and an expression of inquiry. She offers over the water, but no questions as yet. She is just looking Xenofos over.

The stylus seems to be rattling a bit against the wax tablet.

Berra waits patiently, and the look like she might ask questions starts to fade, to be replaced by a polite blankness.

Xenofos takes a deep breath, nods and accepts the waterbottle.

“You did well,” says Berra, once he has had time to drink. The wooden stopper is already out, dangling on its short thong. “And Battle Trembles are not a problem. You’re allowed to have them. Do you think you could eat yet?”

“I think no, not yet. But thanks for asking.”

“Any wounds?” Berra is matter of fact and calm, and the energy that was in her before they came down into the dark has been tucked away.

“Not a scratch, pretty secure location that far in the line…”

“You never really know that. Well, well done. Thank you for the use of your magic.” She holds out her hand for the waterbottle back, moving slowly. No sudden movements.

“No problem, I hate to imagine stumbling through these holes without forewarning of enemies.” That is followed by a snatch of mirthless laughter. “Not that I particularly like it even now”

Berra nods slowly, like she it taking that in. Insofar as she can look peaceful while bristling with weapons, she seems to be doing her best. “It’s a terrible place. We’ll need to work out how to destroy it safely, and I still distrust that statue in the centre. But apparently nothing here wants to harm us any more, so that’s good.”

A nod from Xenofos, nothing more.

With that, and a small bow like to a social superior under great stress, Berra goes off to see other people.