Mad Prax beyond Sundome

Session 1

Year 1628, Earth Season, Harmony Week, WindsDay

Dramatis Personae




Dorasa the Librarian
Chalaz a Morokanth Trader
Durvina, wife of Chalaz
Chalvina, daughter of Chalaz
Falor the dramatic Humakti poet
Two Babeester Gor guards


Start of session Windsday, Harmony Week , Earth Season 1628

Xenofos tries to get permission to join cult of Uleria. Librarian Dorasa sends him on a goosechase to Pavis and Nochet. (Looking for antique sources instead of personal visions and bettering his grammar.)  (This may be a flashback)

Rajar spots Suuraki at the Block because he kind of stands out. This leads to hugging and eventually meeting also Valseena and Xenofos too.

.The lightbringers quest was explained to Rajar and there was much rejoicing. And bickering and corrections and Valseena has not forgiven anyone yet.

And more kumiss was brought in.

Since Rajar had not been able to convince  the khans and the spirits that he should be recognized as a Stormkhan he chose to accompany Suuraki and others on their quest for more knowledge about Salt and Teeth, probably to be found in Pavis. Xenofos was enquiring if their route would take them to Strawweavers, but this was found to be unlikely.

Suuraki suggested joining a caravan travelling to same direction as they would be going and they joined a morokanth trader Chalaz going in direction of Pavis.  The caravan chief travelled with a familygroup of morokanth. He was first carried in a litter but left it after Block was no longer visible he left it to walk. Other morokanthi walked all the time. Packs were carried by herdmen who were loaded like pack animals, not like porters. Xenofos interviewed Chalaz who was not quite swayed by his charm but did give some information – like the route of caravan going through Tourney altar and Paps.

Xenofos noticed some of the herdmen sporting scar tattoos of Death, Truth and Moon. He did consult Rajar if herdmen had tattoos and was told that criminals can allegedly be turned into herdmen by the morokanthi. Since the possible former human seemed to be lunar nothing was done about the man.

Everybody partook in the delicious  herdman stew prepared by Chalaz’ wife Durvina. Xenofos played kithara, rather medioclrely but was joined by Chalvina who joined in a amazing display of throat singing and Valseena who was less impressive but still ok. 

Stories of Demon of Salt and teeth and its demonspawn was told by Chalaz. Valseena was complimented on her stunningly deadly husband.

Before tourney altar group met some sensible Humakti who were very happy to hear Valseena the Wellsung was coming to visit the site  and a overly dramatic poser called Falor who traded words with Xenofos.

Tourney altar was a bit more serious/boring than the block. Valseena sung sentimental Sartarite ballads to make lonesome Humakti far away from home cry. Falor sung beautifully morbid verses about death. Xenofos recited the list of name of company of Death in mediocre way.

The group left the caravan to make a detour around Paps because of the ban and mt them again on the other side. Now they had been joined by two Babeester Gori who were not impressed by any males. Rajar did make a pass on them and was convinced they were charmed by his Stormbull elegance. (Suuraki did discreetly warn him that was perhaps not the case.)

When reaching Zola Fel group spotted a newtling paddling along the stream about to be attacked by a crocodile. Suuraki yelled a warning and the Newtling shouted something at the croc that then went to other side of the stream to sunbathe. WHen questioned it told this was a thing taught by Zola Fel. Effect would only last for two Yelm heartbeats though. (So a spirit magic spell..)

Travelling on the banks of Zola Fel the group was watched by villagers. Valseena wondered why we would not ask for hospitality. Suuraki and Rajar expected the weak villagers to be wary of nomads, the caravanmaster told it was humans being wary of morokanthi. On Ninth day since the block group was about to enter the Sun County proper.

End of death/beginning of fertility week

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