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Berra — Nochet 01

????, Sea Season, (Disorder Week


Early Sea Season (Disorder Week), 1625. Approaching the docks at Nochet. [[[s01:session-18|Session 18]]]


Review the Thought Legion. Movement is good. Getting away from things is good. What do I care about?

Do not miss temple? Good. It’s a thing to serve. I should not fall for the trap of admiring the dwelling place of the god, when the god exists.

Miss Sartar. A bit. Only to be expected. It’s my Kingdom.

Miss my clan. Really a LOT. I don’t want to be out here – but it’s necessary, so I have to want to be out here. It’s not like I’ve seen them in a while. They can manage another season or two without me. I need more woad. Down to half a pot again. I wonder how much is left of what I started with, by now.

Vestra could have taught me that. A half of a half. If I use half a pot in two seasons, and I refill it every time there’s half a pot, how long before there is nothing left of home?

The Lhankor Mhy temple must have a way of working that out.

Miss D’Val. Good. Not even the quackie little chuckle and the way his feathers flatten under his helmet and the way he cleans his fingernails with the longest dagger he can find because he needs to keep on proving that he’s casually dangerous so people don’t get too casual. Again, it’s important not to confuse theologically correct behaviour with admiration of an exemplary Humakti… wait, did I just say miss, instead of not miss?

Things I hate about D’Val: annoyingly good at things. Makes me meditate. Makes me VOLUNTEER for meditation. Quackie little chuckle. Lack of visible tattoos. Annoyingly good at the things I want to be better at. Never expands on answers properly. Sarcastic. Annoyingly better than I am at many things.

He is not my friend. He’s a Rune Lord. Sword of Humakt. Outranks me. Interested in making me into a better Humakti. Not good friend material. Also he might get offended if I said I were, which is good, because it’s inappropriate.

I wonder if they still do those spicy pastries down at the Street of Unnumbered Delights.