Berra Travels to Nochet

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Right at the start of 1626, in the wake of the failed heroquest, Tennebris sent Berra and her friends on a secret mission to try to get help for Kallyr. This had the extra benefit for some of the party of keeping them out of the way of Eril, High Sword of Humakt. [[[s01:session-18|Session 18]]]


D’Val is back at the Temple. Accidents don’t happen to him easily. But still, he is back at the Temple.

A pity. I wanted to serve Eril. I wonder if I still can if he won’t let me. But we can get back to Boldhome and maybe he’ll hold a cold grudge, not a hot one.

And what Rajar said was very funny.

Eril sends D’Val out to dangerous places on purpose. But he’s a big… medium… grown-up duck. He can handle it.

Poor Tennebris. He was doing the right thing. He still is. And he hasn’t told… he gave us his money, so he hasn’t told people what we are doing, or they wouldn’t agree. Or he hasn’t told Eril.

Which is good of him. But then, that would mean he doesn’t want Eril’s help. He doesn’t trust Eril either? Or there are other plans, and we’re an extra plan.

We’re not the official plan. We’re a hope for him. An extra thing.

I wish I had had time to tell him that he was doing right. But then, that’s just my pride thinking I could make a difference.

Eril was in the palace. Not really a problem – but they are all meeting to work out what to do next. And there’s going to be a war, and Kallyr can’t sleep through that.


Tennebris was tired because he has been meeting people she would usually meet.

He is the only one with rank to do that. And he could pretend that she is busy, because he is one of the few people who could say that.

But he has to do that while doing what he would ordinarily do, and also trying to wake her.


I wonder who is still in town from last time, and if I will be able to meet them. Or avoid them.


Why does he want to make it easier for me to learn? Why me? Why easier? Is he trying to prepare me, or does he want to help all Humakti? Does he offer training like that to everyone?

He didn’t offer.

He waited for me to ask. But then he said yes. Would he do that for everyone? Probably. But not many people ask. Only the ones who want to learn more, faster. So… he is not trying to prepare ME for the future, in particular. He just let that happen. He is very good at making people make up their own minds. Or letting them. One or the other.

And the people that he helps will the the sort of people he wants to help. But he does miss out on those who don’t dare ask. He favours the bold and the talkative, even if he thinks he likes to be quiet.

But he’s certainly brave. I’m proud of hi– Shut up, Berra. He’s just a warrior. He’s not your mentor. Just a Rune Lord. Concentrate on… this river.


And on not just casually passing the Temple of Vinga to see if Lanasha is there. And on wiping that grin off your face.

It has been years. With any luck I am forgiven or forgotten. Or at least, still faster than her. And I do not have time to seek her… to seek anyone out.

. o O (( but mmmmmm ))


Wait… is that? Can it be? No, I couldn’t be that lucky!