Berra — Lanasha 01

????, Sea Season, Disorder Week


Disorder Week, Sea Season, 1625

Ganrel, an old companion from the siege and now the doorkeeper for the Clan Saiciae, warned Berra that her old girlfriend Lanasha was still in town, and held a grudge. [[[s01:session-19|Session 19]]]


Is Lanasha like that? I mean, she wanted to be in charge, but she didn’t want to OWN me… She’s Vingan. She knows about freedom, surely?

Alright, I did walk away from her. In public. But I did tell her that I was going to… And I even told her quite calmly that I had loved her. I’m sure I did.

I… never really found out if she was the grudge-keeping sort.

I never even told her it was because of her that I was walking away.

I mean, I was kind really.

And it’s not like she didn’t have a life to lead. And I had a life to lead. And I told her I’d be going back to Sartar anyhow.

. o O ( But mmm… Memor… No. No. No fertility. Death. )
. o O ( sudden image of meditating duck )

Aaaaand we’re back to Death.