Prayer before facing Onjur

Berra — Tower In Nochet 01

????, Sea Season


Early Sea season in 1626. The PCs are in Nochet to try to find information on waking Kallyr from her failed heroquest, and have had to pause to deal with Onjur Eel. [[[s01:session-23|Session 23]]]


Raid reeve, hard-hearted death deliverer
Hear her, motion militant battle beginner
Deathly danger friends favour chief champion
Shroud shelter first foregoing not numbers
Watch ward, movement master, fate finish


Humakt, protector against raids and leader of them, even-handed killer and shield I, a youth, am moving to make rebellion against hated enemies, and this was helped by things I said.
If we die let it be in company, if we triumph let it be with death.
Strength to those who fight under our leader, that they may bring you honour, Great One. With the strength of the grave protect those in the vanguard. Keep us all.
Protect me as I protect Varanis. Let me not race ahead of my skill or my duty, but if we are to die let it happen as it should. Watch over us as we go to make an ending.