Prayer after Returning from the Tower

Berra — Tower In Nochet 02

????, Sea Season


Early Sea season in 1626. The PCs have successfully broken open a tower that was a rat-run used by Onjur-Eel, to escape from attack. They survived. [[[s01:session-23|Session 23]]]

Prayer in death position, face down

Hearth Holder, death dealer, grim god
Hear her, loyal living, moon moved
Returned retort, defeated double, vanquishing victorious
Blooded beside cooling corpses, spirits sending
Palace protector sleeps sound. Hail, Humakt!


Humakt, defender and taker of the homes of enemies, I have nothing to give you, save obedience.
I am exhausted by battle. That I did not join you is no slight to you. Our Lunar enemies fled or died.
We fought the illusion of one, and still won. We beat one who has known many victories, and left him wounded.
We were hurt in the strife, and accept this. Their spirits have been sent to Cold Judgement.
The General lives, and I have fulfilled my obligation in protecting Varanis. You are mighty.