Landed on a Wing and a Prayer

Berra — Berra Prayer 02

????, Earth Season


Late in Earth Season, 1625. On [[[s01:session-11|coming down from Kero Fin]]], Berra took a little time to let Humakt know she had landed safely. She also had a little spare time, which she spent with her sword.

“Wind Tooth. I took you from the dead. I have taken you from Eurmal. I have stood with honour by my friends, and you came back to me. Here is the woad of my people. I have filled this pot many times, but it has always had some of what was made in the Blue Tree Tribe within it. I paint you now with truth, to stand for honour, and the path that is correct.”

(Berra takes a knife, dips it in woad, and carefully puts the Y rune onto Wind Tooth, down by the base of the blade, so the long arm is towards the point.)

“You are for truth, and honour. Be part of me, no matter what other blades I have, because honour is always part of me. I won you in combat, from a gift given. Truth. Honour. Death.”

Grim guised sword slayer, commanding captain,
Hear her report rendered, still standing.
Cold climbing, mist mazed, vapour visioned.
Death divined, observing honour. Sword safe.
Entering Earth, given goods, feasted fully.

“Humakt, to whom I owe moral alliegance,

In honour of you, I overcome my wish to keep moving, and stand in place, for I am still able to stand. I passed those tests that the mountain sent, although I am still wondering about much of what they showed me. With your aid, I was able to follow my true path, keeping to your ways. In rescuing Death in my vision, I rescued myself.

We were successful. The spirits of the Cave welcomed us.”