Transcript Of Conversation between Lord Eril and Initiate Athanu, personal aide to High Sword.

1628, Fire Season, after the return of the heroes from Tarsh


After a Heroquest, it is required to ensure a Hero is not a danger to the temple, and to learn from them any secrets or mysteries that have been hitherto unrevealed. Jarangsdottir, having not reported at the palace of Boldhome, has been ordered to report later. The following is a transcript of a conversation that Eril, High Sword of Humakt, and Athanu, allied spirit of Eril, had regarding this matter.


Athanu, continue post-dusk report on behaviour of initiate Berra. Recommence after visit to Blacksword.

Returned to Main Temple building, met with Lord D'Val. Was seen in meditation-

How long with… Lord D’Val?

Short conversation. Under the length of a bout.

Continue from there. Add timings

Half of one hour: was seen in meditation. Left hall in state of silence. Visited kitchens for short conversation. Returned to meditation hall.

Kitchens. You have missed something, Athanu.

Please inform me, Lord.

The kitchens tell me she asked for wine.

This is within her Temple privileges.

An amphora.

She draws only on her wine allowance, Lord. No error was committed.

Save by you. Examine how often she draws upon this allowance and how much.

Ah. Three half cups over the last two seasons.

She does not even draw on it to trade with others.

Correctly so. This is forbidd-

I know, Athanu. But this is an anomaly and you did not mention it in report. Initiate Berra does not drink heavily. Continue from entrance to meditation hall.

Still in meditation.

Well, let us have her sent fo…

Lord Eril, Armies Fail, Swords Stay

Good evening, Bladesong.

Lord Deveval will join your meeting with Berra as per your request, sword sharp and heart eager

… Athanu, Bladesong is to have Graria issue such request. We will see them both now, before my private altar.