The Gits Of Prax II

I01 — The Gits Of Prax Ii


Season, Week, Day

Dramatis Personae


Erhehta came to Rajar to throw ash on his fire and say he had dreamed of bad things, sending him to Stealer’s River, to deal with Chaos. He added that the rest of the group might be in the area, and it would be good to join up with them if they were, and protect them. He then took a handful of ash from Rajar’s fire. Rajar set off early the next morning.

Over at Stealer’s River, aka the Ancestor River, Iannic chased after her brother Toras. Toras was just ahead when he spotted scorpion men. He threw his javelin, Iannic threw and axe, and the scorpion men (three of them, I think) scattered uphill and downhill. It was hard to give chase with rhinos, but missile weapons accounted for two of them, and a timely Rajar encountered the last, although he was peppered with free weapons. The last of the chaotic creatures skittered away but Waharon had advanced close enough to drop arrows onto it, and that was the end of the thing.

The united group moved on, and that night a desert ghoul attacked them, but did not manage to kill anybody. They shuddered rather over the dessicated corpse, and burned it. Later they were treated to the sights and sounds of a Morokanth herd-man hunt. They called out in case the ghoul had been a problem to the Morokanth as well, but it was just a general problem. The condor screamed a lot, making the Morokanth less friendly, but other than an attempt to buy the animal, there was no increased problem. Iannic refused to sell. The Morokanth invited them to a feast of friendship, in which herd-man was eaten, and then presented them with a left hand, tattooed with a Darkness Rune. There was a little discussion of whether this was a human hand, but the Morokanth said it was merely the mark of a previous owner.

The group arrived at the Temple, where at first a member of the Flower Clan stone-walled Valseena. While she was trying to get around that, they were approached by a tiny TINY warrior, Tirrip. He asked them to go meet someone he was protecting, Davoon. Questioning found out that Davoon was of his tribe, the Impalas, and was an assistant shaman to Maserelt, the shaman that Erhehta was after. Valseena went to talk to the head of the Temple directly, having sent the right gifts to the right people, and the others went to talk to Davoon.

Valseena had a long conversation with the High Priestess, resulting in a slight thawing of the bad relations between the two clans, as well as a blessing on the bag. The others heard out Davoon, who first of all made a space where no spirits could hear, and only then appealed to them to stop Erhehta because Maserelt needed to talk to him. In the end she asked to come with them and talk to Erhehta directly. It had been her who cut the bridge to the Scorpion Village, when they had first been rescuing him.

Trying to persuade him not to attack did not work out – he was determined on revenge rather than losing face. He called on the group (other than Maalira) to help him, and they trampled Maserelt in the spirit world. However, he did then declare that they were equal, and tell Davoon he would speak to Maserelt.

The adventurers were rewarded with spirit magic of various sorts. Later on the year, the Storm Bull zebra rider arrived to tell Waharon that his daughter was pregnant, and if Waharon wanted to be the father he should bring appropriate gifts.

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