Riding lessons

Xenofos — Riding Lessons

1627, Storm Season


Storm season Straw weaver camp [[[s02:session-55|Session 55]]]


On the days after the ceremony Xenofos passes on the gifts he got to his new parents. He continues to see his niece and nephew, although now trying to make sure Saberitha or Saberak is around when he does so.

On a cool but sunny day he joins Garmeed when he rides out to herd patrol.

Garmeed has not warmed to his new brother much, but at least seems less openly hostile. “You should ride bison,” he says by way of greeting.

“Maybe. But I don’t own one and ride zebras better.” he looks at the herd “So I am better able to stay out of the way when on a zebra.”

Garmeed looks at his brother like he’s daft. “You have a bison. It was given you on your naming day. He grunts, then adds, “I will teach you to ride like a bison warrior.”

Xenofos nods. “I suppose I may have missed something in that smoke. ” He rubs at his chest gingerly.1 Oh I have a new name?-Just X’fos. -He was named that long ago… – But not in the eyes of the Straw Weaver Wyter. Now the Wyter knows your name. I kind of skimmed over that bit because Rajar doesn’t have time to talk and I have no idea what the Wyter is.

Garmeed changes directions and rides out to the clan’s herds instead of whatever he’d been planning to do before his older younger brother decided to tag along.

“You will not have much time to teach me, brother.” Xenofos rides alongside Garmeed. “When the weather permits I will be riding back to Sartar to ride with Redwind.”

“Then you learn fast,” Garmeed rebukes. As they reach the herd, the young man skillfully isolates a single animal from the others. “This yours.” Xenofos is taught how to recognize the markings of this particular bison, so that he can identify it on his own. Then comes a surprisingly gruelling lesson in how to mount the creature without riding gear, followed by one on how to put the riding gear on.2 I have ride bison opened at 35 – I roll 89

Xenofos takes the lesson patiently but shows little aptitude.

Garmeed grunts impatiently. “Slow. We patrol now. Try again tomorrow.” The lesson has gathered a small audience, all of whom drift away when it becomes obvious that the entertainment is done for now.

Xenofos shrugs “We can do that. Before I leave there is one thing I want to teach our nephew. A thing my uncle taught me. I have to ask his mother too, but since you have been teaching him I ask you now.”

“The other thing he taught me was to ride, but with bisons I leave that to you. I saw he has a good solid beginning already.” Xenofos’ eyes scan the horizon as he speaks.

Garmeed gives him a sceptical glance. “You teach him to be Esrolian? He is of Prax.”

“My uncle taught me to speak truth and ride. Rest is details.” He looks at Garmeed “Do you think that lesson would make him less Praxian?”

“Why do you need me to say yes or no? You are uncle too. Teach.” Again, irritated impatience. “Ask him to teach you how to put riding gear on your bison.”

“You have been his teacher so far. And will be his father after the wedding.” Xenofos stops his bison. Well on a second try he does.

Understanding dawns. “I will. I will be father of two and husband too.” The young man puffs with importance. “You teach my son truth. I allow it.”

Xenofos nods. “Thank you Garmeed.”

“Tomorrow, you learn to ride.” And with that, the Praxian seems content to let things be.

Xenofos smiles a bit crookedly. “I am afraid I will not be here when it is time for the wedding. And there are couple of things I wished to say to you, brother.”

“Oh? Say now then, little brother.” The emphasis on little is subtle, but still noticeable. The young Praxian isn’t as tall as Xenofos, but he’s broader and definitely more heavily muscled.

“She chose you. Remember that. And I think she chose wisely. You are a better husband and father for her children who are Straw weavers by birth.”

“You remember that,” the young man replies fiercely. “My wife. Not yours.”

“Secondly. I could not marry my brothers widow like you, so try to stay alive Garmeed. She does not deserve to lose another husband after Najeem.” Xenofos is speaking softly.

“You still think you are too good for her?”

“I can only marry another Lhankhor Mhy, I have accepted that geas and what I say, I keep, even if it hurts, Garmeed.” Scribe looks at the Praxian. “I do not hold myself too good for her. Not worth her maybe.”

This gets a grunt of agreement and nothing further.

“Thirdly. I wish you become happy together. I will add you to my prayers to Uleria.”

The wish is met with unbroken silence.

In the days that remain before Xenofos leaves his new clan, he spends a great deal of time on bison-back accompanied by his brother and often his nephew too. Dakajeel sometimes joins them and at times makes useful suggestions where Garmeed can’t hear, helping Xenofos to work out some of the nuances of riding the much larger animal.

Post scriptum: GM notes that Xenofos will head to Sartar with a bison and his zebra. No one is expecting him to fully make the switch. They will continue to pretend that they don’t know he rides horses.

X: If it was a problem someone who was at Alda Chur would have needed to speak up. And I did not join the cult of Waha…

GM: Yup. It’s just not a thing anyone wants to talk about. Ohhhh…. Somebody wanting to insult Garmeed… “your brother rides horses!”