Esrolian Free Company

Formed in 1627

Banner with Vingan on green background
Banner of the Esrolian Free Company (art by Xenofos)

Logs relevant to the Esrolian Free Company


1627, Fire Season, Illusion Week, Waterday. At the camp of the Esrolian Free Company, following on from Waterday Night. Varanis tries to sort out the troops and finds the chain of command to be rather unusual.

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Decent Proposal

S02 — Session 46, 1627, Earth Season: Under orders from Kallyr, the Esrolian Free Company went in search of Argrath to offer their services. En route, they deal with some bandits. Argrath makes a claim and negotiations begin.

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Scribal Error

S02 — Session 48, 1627, Earth Season, second half of Harmony Week: Xenofos essentially hands himself over as prisoner to King Stark, making negotiations more entertaining for the others.

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Drinking Song

S02 — Session 49, 1627, Earth Season: Negotiations continue. Rajar impresses all with his capacity for alcohol. The Esrolian Free Company is attacked while the party is away.

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Losses at the Battle of Alda Chur

  • Dertand the Baker (Wild Ones, Axeman of the second rank)
  • Darniskis Fararlsson (slinger)
  • Sorala (Vingan commander)
  • Jarstaropos (A trooper of the Golden Racers)
  • Samasteva (Vingan)
  • Kalsar Shortneck (Served at quartermasters wagons)
  • Irillo Norinel (Commander among the Golden Racers)
  • Harunelda Brightaxe (House Hulta, Lenta’s cousin)
  • Haraldes Fine-Horses (spearman)
  • Jarste the butcher