Foot and Mouth

Session 4.06

1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Freezeday

Dramatis Personae


Maalira at a distance


The Praxian Army
Jaldon Goldentooth
Chief Kulharl
A broo
A lot of White Ladies
Some Humakti
Long-distance Eril


The party was still at the Six Sisters and after hearing from Jonatos of the Aranwyth, were having a discussion about whether or not it was right to wake all six spirits. Varanis decided that they should wake Duck next and so they headed that direction.

From their vantage point, they spotted a massive Praxian army making its way into Sartar and led by Jaldon Goldentooth. There was much consternation. Varanis decided that she needed to carry news swiftly to Beasts Gather to warn the Chief and hopefully have him spread word to nearby clans and tribes. At the same time, Berra would try to reach Eril through worship. The party split with Lenta and Mellia staying with Berra (for reasons I will never truly understand) and the others returning with Varanis as far as their mounts.

Once clear of the Sisters, Varanis took flight and carried news to Kulharl who didn’t seem especially fussed about any of it. He did agree to cast the spell on her again so that she could make the return journey, but only after she agreed to try to talk Irillo into making multiple trading visits to the village.

Meanwhile, while Berra was attempting to reach Lord Eril, Lenta wandered off (to gather wood for making Mellia a nice cup of tea) and was found, skewered, and then killed by a broo. Mellia and Berra managed to collect her body and got her to the meeting place around the same time that Varanis and Irillo had caught up with each other. In a bit of a panic, everyone but Berra made for the Nunnery in hopes that Lenta could be saved.

Berra, needing to stay far away from any resurrection attempts, headed for the Humakti temple. There, she was able to reach Eril, who told her to carry on with what she was doing.

At the Nunnery, Mellia was able to persuade Lenta’s spirit to return to her body after much cajoling and guilt-tripping. The Ernaldan was saved.

“I am wondering if we’re meeting cliff toads, a cliff toad, or THE cliff toad.” – Berra

“Go to your room, young man.” – Berra
“And not to wait for anyone to punish you.” – Berra

“Half hour?” – Varanis
“Yep.” – Berra
“I am thinking I should reboot now, to start wrestling with Teams.” – Berra
“By then I may have logged in as myself.” – Berra

“I had to log out for work. Now I have to log in again.” – Berra
“So far I’m on the fourth log-in.” – Berra
“May the 4th be with you” – Irillo

“Varanis and Irillo just switched places on my screen and I was pretty darn confused.” – Lenta

“Small Humakti is grouchy with everyone in the party.” – GM
“That is her happy face!” – Berra

“Duck is supposed to be both intelligent and beautiful. Unfortunately…” – Lenta

“Lenta is as stealthy as an Esrolian noblewoman wearing a lot of jewellery.” – Berra

“You’re not really a combat monster, are you?” – GM
“I could do you a dance roll instead.” – Lenta

“The Hulta will never forgive me.” – Varanis
“They already haven’t.” – Berra

“Roll low. Roll low. That’s not low.” – GM
“I even fudged the first roll! It should have killed her on the first attack, it was to the head!” – GM

“Mallia’s Chalana Arroy with a goatee.” – Irillo

“If she’s in two pieces, she’s probably easier to carry…” – Varanis
“Guts inside probably easier.” – Lenta
“Big canvas bag full of slop?” – rajar

“Irillo, you did OK on the trading out here, right?” – Varanis
“I made a loss on your behalf.” – Irillo

“I kind of might have promised the chief something.” – Varanis
“He’s not my type.” – Irillo

“He might easily say ‘stop bothering me in the daytime’ and order a pint of AB-.” – Berra has a low opinion of her High Sword

“Ignore it. Get on with your job.” – Eril
“I missed a trick. I could have just have him say ‘get on with your job’ and expect you to get it.” – GM

GM senses twitch – Berra
“I saw that, Irillo.” – GM talks… pauses…

Mellia is on the path of Lenta’s Death.
“Lenta, what do you believe that would be?” – GM
“I am walking towards the halls of Ty Kora Tek, on that quiet road.” – Lenta

“Picture yourself
On a road in the deadlands
Where cross shape-ed trees loom
Over Bone pave-ed roads…” Iringo

“Somebody calls you
You answer quite slowly
A girl in a white shaded robe….” – Iringo

“Lenta, you have to come back with me.” – Mellia
“But this is the road.” – Lenta

“This is the road to Grandmother’s halls.” – Mellia
“Yes.” – Lenta

“Varanis will cry, Lenta, if you don’t come with me.” – Mellia
“That’s a good point for our first spirit combat roll.” – GM

“Lenta, please, you must come with me.” – Mellia
“I know you mean well.” – Lenta

“Careful that mentioning Varanis doesn’t backfire. Lenta has been let down by her.” – Varanis
“No, Varanis. That’s just Varanis.” – Berra

“I’m looking back, but… she’ll get over it.” – Lenta

“Varanis will blame herself, Lenta.” – Mellia
“Well, she wasn’t even there, so how could it be her fault?” – Lenta
watches Lenta grin – Berra

“I’m stopping on the road and looking back… and I’ve passed the next roll.” – Lenta

“Your family. They will miss you.” – Mellia
laughs audibly – Lenta

“In character, V will be wrecked. Ooc, I promise I’ll be ok.” – Varanis
“OOC the GM will go under her desk and never come out!” – GM

“54… this is getting dangerous.” – Mellia
“Well, lucky for me, I failed…” – Lenta

“Do all these worshippers you’ve been gathering for Wyter-Eril have to not be resurrected in the future?” peers suspiciously – Serala

“No-one can say no to a White Lady, really.” – GM
points proudly to self – Berra
“Well, yes, you.” – GM

“Because Varanis is a total Orlanthi Egotist who has to make everything about her?” – Irillo
“Was that a Mellia quote or Irillo musing?” – Lenta