How I Rock and Rolltapus

Session 4.05

1629, Sea Season, Disorder Week, Godday

Dramatis Personae




Salid (a real troll now!)
Lyra (Lady of Beasts Gather)
Rocktapus (one of the Six Sisters)
A nasty Dragonsnail
The other half of a nasty Dragonsnail
Jonatos Trollsbane


At Beasts Gather, our heroes sought to learn what they could of the Six Sisters. They were told that Don’t Ask is tricksy, that the Sisters hate the Uz (and the Uz hate both the Telmori and the village, all of which is mutual). The Uz call the Sisters the Six Hags.

Lenta, on the urging of Irillo and Berra, went to talk to the lady of the stead about going to worship the spring.  She complained about how smelly he was, but Irillo managed to sell her some sweet-smelling herbs.  He also pointed out that getting the shaman less smelly relied on the water flowing sweetly.  The woman agreed to do that.  Meanwhile, Mellia took some buckets of water out to the shrine of Rotin.  Berra accompanied her and fed the shrine again, and it flowed more clearly.

The party decided to start with the nearest of the Sister, Rocktapus, which was about a half day’s ride from Beasts Gather. Salid came part way, but given how the Sisters feel about Uz, he was left with the mounts at a base camp just outside the range. As they drew near, they began to spot signs of Chaos, including the track of a dragonsnail and although they decided to make a wise retreat to safer ground, they were attacked. They were able to kill the dragonsnail with impressive efficiency, but were feeling a bit drained when morning came.

The party spotted some riders en route to Rocktapus. They met with the spirit of the Sister who informed them that she wanted worship and complained of being choked. She offered knowledge.

Having decided to carry on to Cliff Toad and approach each of the Sisters systematically, they were interrupted by riders they’d spotted earlier led by Jonatos Trollsbane, king of the Aranwyth. Jonatos demanded an explanation and then expressed concern over them waking the Sisters and then riding off to leave the locals to deal with the consequences.

The gist of the conversation with Jonatos Trollsbane

We’re on the way to Cliff Toad when we end up getting approached by Jonatan Trollsbane. He wants to know what we’re doing. Varanis talks to him but does not mention the trolls. He says that Don’t Ask is the most wakeful of them all. She is the one that people remember. He recommends we don’t mess with the Six Sisters. Then he drops the bomb that the Sisters were goddesses of the Wyrm Friends. Berra gets nervous.

There is more talking. Berra explains the Empire of the Wyrm Friends, and says they are the size of allies required. Varanis adds that the Bat will be back. Irillo says they are already waking, or individual humans could not wake them, and it’s probably better they wake up with a nice cup of herbal tea and some breakfast. Varanis picks up to say that Jonatos is right – that it would be his people who had to bear the burden of guarding this place.

Jonatos is not convinced about what he’s getting. Berra takes Varanis aside to suggest she could talk to the Telmori. Varanis is already considering this, and goes for it. Irillo suggests bringing goods, and the friendship of the Dwarf if possible. We agree to help him if he calls for it, in particular about the Telmori or Lunars.

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