Going Batty

Session 3.7

1628, Sea Season, ? Week

Dramatis Personae






Nala’s divination when asking what kind of dinosaur GoTaS wants:

“The answer you get back is an image of a crocodile. That’s the body she wants. But it’s eating a dinosaur, and you can tell what type THAT is. It’s the biggest animal you’ve ever seen. You think it’s probably not quite in the Grazelands or Tarsh, but the landscape’s pretty familiar.”

– Berra-GM

Nala comes to the House with a note for Berra. Berra talks about the Thunder Lizards a bit.

Xenofos and Varanis go to meet Tennebris. Xenofos confirms that the letter came from Onjur. He also tells Tennebris that while secret has not been spread in the Library it is most likely known in the Sword Hall. Varanis feels chided by Tennebris. Sadness.

Suuraki & Valseena’s divination “What should I seek to fight the Chaos that is coming here?”

Suuraki sees a plain full of dead.
Valseena sees the Bat but with a head like a bison, which looks around for pasture but cannot find food, and thus devours itself. She can interpret this:
Without pasture land, the Bat will turn on itself.
They report back.

Xenofos says that if they run out of prisoners, etc, then they feed it initiates, followed by priests and acolytes.

Irillo visits Silor and fleeces him just a little. Silor asks him to find out about rumours in Wilmskirk, but casually, and only to report it to Yamia. Irillo learns a catchy song about a duck squabbling with a queen, and being exiled.1Irillo facepalms muchly. He attempts to shift what songs are being sung. In the process, he learns that someone is paying for two songs about the Humakti duck. He finds out also that Silor’s ex wife is being potentially slandered, and is told to leave town and not ask more questions.

Berra, Valseena, and Maalira head to market and are talking about feeding dinosaurs. They spot Irillo and rope him into helping. Berra then ditches them in the market.

Some discussion at the house. Decide we need to see Minstar. Next morning, ride to Grey Rock. Talk to Minstar – Irillo stays in village, trading. Minstar seems to work out that Suuraki has very Praxian plans, and tells him that the cave can defend itself.

Nala vouches for everyone except Xenofos. As he’s met the ancestors before, Minstar isn’t bothered by the omission. Maalira, Suuraki, and Valseena get introduced to Minstar’s ancestors with varying success. Minstar tells the three of them that embodying GoTaS is a bad idea and Nala overhears it from outside.

Nala works out that GoTaS wants a crocodile body, not a dinosaur body. But she wants to eat a dinosaur. Suuraki tries to get Varanis to explain why we want to embody GoTaS (to fight the Bat), but Varanis decides she can’t go into details without approval from her higher ups. The decision is made that we need a grown-up shaman for advice.

Meanwhile, Irillo does a bit of trading and encounters Galri. They chat a bit, with Galri making it known that he wants to repay his debt. They negotiate and seal the deal with Galri’s blood on one of Irillo’s coins, which was a bit odd, to be honest.

Brave Irillo gets an escort to the cave where he tells Varanis that he’s got some Telmori for her when she wants to call them up. Somewhat concerning, as she is NOT Prince of Sartar and doesn’t need a Telmori bodyguard even though such a thing would actually be very fun to rp with, as long as Rajar didn’t kill them.

Varanis asks Irillo to go find Galri. She also asks Xenofos and Suuraki to look after Irillo. Salid (NO autocorrect, not Salad no matter how many times you change it on me) goes too.

Meanwhile, Rajar drinks. Maalira keeps half an eye on him. They set up camp with Varanis and Valseena watching for the others to return. Nala and Minster are communing or something.

Irillo and his gang find Galri. Oh dear. There’s been a miscommunication. They’ve agreed to different things. Varanis may not get her bodyguards after all. Xenofos uses Truth to help sort it out. More blood is spilled in a friendly sort of way and Galri and Irillo renegotiate. Galri agrees to go to the cave with them.

En route, Suuraki suffers from a momentary lapse of grace and falls off a cliff, breaking his ribs. On Irillo’s suggestions, Salid runs to fetch help while Xenofos makes the climb down to heal Suuraki, as Waha is disinterested. Salid brings Valseena at a run, with Varanis trailing behind, having grabbed a coil of climbing rope.

Varanis sorts out the rope and Xenofos and Suuraki use it to climb up. Time to head back to camp. Oops. It seems the lapse in grace is contagious and Varanis falls off a cliff, but she’s more alynx-like than Suuraki and not only does she manage not to get injured, but she gets back up the cliff on her own.

Galri may be setting up a spirit cult to repay his debt?

“I’m just going to assume they were high…” -Nala, confronted with house decor

“He understood it well enough to make twins.” – Varanis
“Well that was a great spot to rejoin.” – Maalira

“Maalira – You’re in the house because you love how much the decoration makes you feel at home, right?” – Varanis
“*exaggerated nod…* Yes that’s why” – Maalira
“See! I knew it would help. I wanted all of you to feel at home here, even though the walls are solid.” – Varanis

“I offered her *sensible* dinosaurs…” – Nala

“He got the results and now we need to see the law? Is this the Jerry Springer Show now?” – Rajar

“Just failed Air. Feeling wounded by Tennebris’ judgement.” – Varanis

“Are there any senior anyones that Varanis has NOT had a row with? Just asking…” – Maalira
“Um… Kalis. The High Priestess at that Earth Temple.” – Varanis
“I don’t think I had a row with Eril. He just killed me that one time.” – Varanis

A vision of a plain of dead bodies for Suuraki…
“Do I recognise the plain?” – Suuraki
“Or the bodies?” – Valseena

“Really disturbing as OPPOSED to a plain of bodies?” – Maalira

“Got it! We have to kill Dragon Pass in order to save it!” – Suuraki

“Berra is eating, without much evidence of enjoyment.” – Berra-GM

“I’m happy to kill any of you if you’re going to be eaten by the bat. *Before* you’re eaten. ” – Nala

“It’s got 3 legs.” – Irillo
“Don’t flatter yourself.” – GM

“See SOMEONE was awake during Granny’s Practical Politics lessons, Varanis.” – Irillo
“What now?” – Varanis
“I remember the cakes.” – Xenofos
“Oh. All your intrigue stuff.” – Varanis
“Was there a lesson?” – Xenofos
«facepalm» “We’re not JUST valued for our pretty faces, Xenefos!” – Irillo
“They were good cakes.” – Xenofos

“Rajar plans graphic violence. On all axes.” – Irillo

“I forget. *Why* does Nala need a dinosaur anyway?” – Varanis

“I quite like Nala, but sometimes she’s as thick as pigshit.”
“Really thick stuff.” – Berra
“That pig’s been eating a lot of meat.” – Berra

“Irillo! Welcome to our home!” – Varanis
«beams about how beautifully she has decorated the place» – Varanis

“Run to the market to find Sid, jabber at him excitedly about how she’s missed him, and then realise she has point to say to Suuraki and run back again.” – Nala
“Salid is calm about being missed, and offers a small bit of beetle.” – Berra-GM

“I’m very sure I’m going to regret asking this, but aside from dying from causes which DON’T devour our souls, is there any reason we want a dinosaur?” – Irillo
“It might be one of those things I told the Praxians.” – Nala
“Nope.” – Suuraki
“OK.” – Nala

“They might be herd ANIMALS. They’re not herd BEASTS.” – Suuraki

“We kill as many people here as we can.” – Suuraki
“No, we HERD them.” – Nala

“We are having this conversation in Praxian.” – Suuraki and Nala
“I am listening in Praxian. Slightly disturbed.” – Valseena
“I’m face-palming in Praxian.” – Maalira

“I’m sorry, is the plan now to ask a Shaman for some clarity?” – Suuraki

“I can’t necessarily talk to crocodiles.” – Nala

“A goddess wants a body big enough to eat dinosaurs. Is it a good idea to provide her with one?” – Xenofos

“SPECIALLLLL!” – Valseena breaking a run of bad luck
“Not a fumble, damn.” – Xenofos, happily

“Roll your cult lores of your gods.” – Tom
“All of them?” – Nala
“Yes.” – Tom

“Vast tracts of cat.” – Maalira, better without context

“Irillo, roll me a Run Away Screaming if you like. Or just drink the wine.” – Berra-GM
«drinks the wine» – Irillo

“You guys may want to roll either bargain or insight own species to spot Irillo isn’t really trying” – Irillo

“How dare it run away? Does it not have sense of pride?” Rajar on a sheep about to die

“Varanis was a little startled the day she learned she could marry a Telmori.” – Varanis

“That’s reassuring in a deeply scary way.” – Irillo

“I was just checking for something.” – Varanis after falling down a cliff
“I know how it is.” – Suuraki also after falling down a cliff

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    Irillo facepalms muchly.